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Ten Day Detox Starts Tomorrow


OK- so I am all ready for the start of my ten day detox.  But, here is the thing, and I know that I’ve gotten a little slack from some readers and friends because they all know how anti-detox’s I am, this isn’t really a detox in how we have all come to view a detox.  You aren’t starving yourself, you aren’t eating only some crazy soup for 30 days and you aren’t miserable.  This detox is more of a detox for your system by stopping yourself from eating any terrible foods and only putting in good, all natural delicious foods.

As I mentioned before, I was able to be on set for some of the shoots Dr. Hyman did for the video portion of this book and one of those days was a cooking segment.  He cooked up a salmon recipe and let me tell you, it was quite possibly the most incredible salmon I had ever tasted (that was before I went plant based, of course).  But I mean mind blowingly phenomenal!  So, no, normal detox this is NOT!

I went to Whole Food yesterday and got everything that I needed for the first few days.  It all looks so incredible.  All the bright and amazing looking produce in my fridge – it’s like a nutritionist’s paradise.  And, post detox, I’m assuming it will be any Hyman detoxer’s paradise.

Another big component to this detox is relaxation… yes please!  Relaxation and I don’t tend to understand one another too often, so I am thrilled to turn off a bit, unplug and try this crazy thing called relaxing.

We have to purchase certain bath products which I will show tomorrow to take a relaxing bath every evening.  It sounds like heaven, but of course makes me nervous when I try to think about how to jam a 20 minute anything else into my day.  But, I am determined to do this.  I’m excited to do this.

This morning, the day before the detox starts, I made one of the smoothies from the book and it was DELISH!  It was the kiwi chia seed smoothie and it tasted like heaven.  Even better?  It took me like an hour or so to drink it, so for the detox I know by the time the snacks are supposed to be consumed I won’t be hungry.

The delish smoothie!

The delish smoothie!

All in all, I am incredibly excited to start this detox.  Tomorrow we all jump on a teleseminar with Dr. Hyman and Lauren Zander.  We all know I love Dr. Hyman, but Lauren Zander is another person I was lucky enough to meet and she is just phenomenal.  If there were ever a person in the world I would want as a life coach, it would be Lauren.  She is a no holding back, telling it like it is, while guiding you to exactly where you need to be coach!

Just incredible.

Anyhow, I will be writing it all up tomorrow, so I can’t wait to tell you ALL about it!




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