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Simple Morning Smoothie Routine


My 2015 focus is discipline and routine, two things I did not do well at in 2014.  Now I am not talking about bootcamp discipline, I’m simply talking about holding myself more accountable for the things that I want to do that will make me feel better.  Routine is one of those things.

For months, especially since I started my new job, I’ve wanted to figure a way to get up, make a smoothie and head out the door.  For me, if I start my day right then my whole day goes smoother.  Healthier.  Happier.  But, time wise, it was nearly impossible to get up to prep a smoothie, make it, clean the blender and get out of the door in time.


So, I decided to pre-prep.

I bought ALLLL the fruit and veggies.


Here they are, ALLLL the fruits and veggies.

Though the picture isn’t here, I purchased three HUGE bags of frozen fruit and a ton of kale as well.

I then took 40 baggies and started divvying up the fruit into each baggie, I also added nut butter and chia seeds to the bags (you can also add yogurt).  Some of them I even put a quarter of a lemon – rind and all… YUM!



When the bags were all done, I threw those bad boys right in the freezer and I simply grab one each day and add my kale cubes (check out those AMAZING pieces of magic by clicking here).

I will say, that it is easier in the morning if you thaw the bag out by taking it out of the freezer the night before and putting it in the fridge or right when you get up.  But, the choice is yours!

Please let us know all of your favorite smoothie recipes, I’d love to try them and share them to all of our readers.  Post them the comments below or click here for our Facebook page.

Enjoy those smoothies.





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