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My Pro/Con List Saved My Running Day

I woke up today and was – for some reason – talking myself out of running this morning.  Now, I am not sure why I was doing that.  I actually enjoy getting out there, the idea of going excites me for NUMEROUS reasons – from getting stronger to getting a good workout in to knowing that I am bettering myself and my body to just having a little time by myself and for myself.  But, for some reason, my mind was saying “nah, you don’t want to do that, ughhhh exercise – why would you want to do that?”

So, I decided to write out a pro/con list to running this morning.  A list that gives me reasons that I want to hit that pavement and reasons that I don’t and, here was my list:


Ok, so I legitimately could not find one single con – not a single negative thing about heading out to run.  Because I was a little tired and cranky… oh pro #1 it will make me feel good.  I mean I just couldn’t argue with that, as much as I wanted to, there was just nothing on that damn list to make me want to do anything but run.  I mean I actually thought of even more once I stopped writing, like I will just be mad at myself if I don’t do it.  PS I had to put the word extreme in quotes… especially after reading Vanessa’s post yesterday on her 14 degree 5K.

I don’t care if you have never ever exercised in your life, there can be no good reason – minus Dr’s orders – that you can say I don’t want to exercise.  I mean, you can always say you don’t want to do it, but when you put it on paper and really see what is out there, I can nearly promise you that you will want to go.  And, maybe it is just a walk around the block and that is it.  But, that is still an awesome start.

I think that this exercise of writing this down was monumental.  Seriously, when you put it down, this black and white, it really shows that in fact you WANT to do this.  So, if you cons are – it will hurt tomorrow – the pro to that is it hurts because I’m getting stronger.  If the con is, I am tired – the pro will be it will give you energy… that you obviously need.

Anyhow, I am definitely going to be using these FAR more often.  I mean, this got me out the door this morning and made me realize just what running and exercise does for my life.

Oh, and I guess the cat is out of the bag from this list.  I signed up for a half iron man in September.  I am so beyond stoked for it. I mean it kind of stops me in my tracks and hits me with a WTF have you done… but, then I realize, I have ten months and I got this.  I need to thank my friend who sent around an email saying I’m in – who else wants in.  And, within five minutes I replied with an absolute YES!

But, first, is the training for the half marathon in April.  For someone who was never a runner, even in my boxing days, to begin to love this is incredible.

Anyhow, I would absolutely invite every one of you to try this and, if you do, send it to us or tweet it at us or instagram tag us on it.  We want to see alllll of your pro and con lists.

Seriously, what a badass way to show yourself you really want to do something.  Love it.


I hope you are all having an incredible week and I’m sending mounds and mounds of love.






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