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My Life Has Made a 180 and I Didn’t Even Know It





Last week something happened that I have literally been waiting my whole life for.  No, Publisher’s Clearing House didn’t knock on my door, Santa Clause didn’t come through my chimney and Prince Charming certainly didn’t come riding into town on his majestic horse sweeping me off my feet… though, none of these are anything I have actually dreamed about anyhow and I already have a price charming of my own…

No, someone sat across from me and earnestly, without any mal intent or outside motivation, told me to trust them and that they had every piece of my back no matter what I did.  Someone sat across from me and gave me a safe place to store my emotional food junk, my boxes that I have been hoarding for years of shit that I would let no one in the world see and said let’s see how it feels when we try to actually deal with them.  Because, as it is said over and over, “Want to know why you’re binging?  Stop binging!”  In twenty minutes, someone did something that NO ONE in my entire life has been able to do.  Molly Carmel pushed me to just try out this thing called trust.  I’m not talking about the trust that you give your spouse or best friend or child, I’m talking about the trust where you put every piece of your discomfort and fear into the hand of another person and say, Yes, I will take the key to my future from you by entrusting what you’re giving me.

Molly Carmel, Zulma Rodriguez and Bianca VonBank are beacons of light, and it’s the light at the end of the tunnel.  You may not get their way of teaching and counseling at first, but then it hits you.  Molly is a genius – in my mind, the greatest superhero of all time.  She would be a Marvel Superhero of Superheros – Wonder Woman, Superman and Robin would have a big BLAMO square when they all met because Molly would have kicked their butts.

But why?  Why is Beacon so different (because it really, really is)?  With dieticians, nutritionists or something like weight watchers (who are amazing if you don’t have an addiction – I have worked with some of the very best and they are truly incredible) when you fall off the wagon or it’s too hard, they might not get it.  I’ve heard phrases like “Well, I can’t help you, if you can’t help yourself” or “I don’t understand why you can’t just stop eating _______ (fill in your own blank)” but here is the thing, what if you are helping the wrong parts of you?  Trying yet another anecdote for the wrong problem?  Beacon works on a person to person basis and really finds the core of your issue.  Not the emotional reason of why you eat, but they break down what you are doing to yourself and help you find other ways to do it… then they stick by your side while you hate them for it one day, love them the next and then hate them again.  As Molly says “she’s really ruining your life”.  I say, sometimes things need to be ruined to make room for change.

Having an addiction – to something like sugar or flour, can’t be helped by changing your diet on paper.  You need far more than that and Beacon is just that thing.  I started at Beacon with an 8 week intensive program, where we meet with a group for 8 weeks and you also meet with your specialist one on one each week.  You also have 24 hour access to your specialist.  They don’t mess around here, they are around to help you through everything. Now that I am done with 6/8 weeks, we went through my continuing treatment – what I do after the eight week program. You don’t just do eight weeks and then live your life after without Beacon.  You can’t have an issue like this for 34 years and get “fixed” in eight weeks.  It just doesn’t work like that… as most of us already know.  So, I will be taking two more groups and staying with one on one’s for the next while.  And, I’m really excited about it.  Because, it is like Molly dusted fairy magic dust on this program and said make this work, and it does.  No, that’s garbage, it works because Molly worked in numerous behavioral fields, was morbidly obese herself and knows, personally, what works and what doesn’t.  She worked on this program for years and very seriously trains her staff in her program.  I would NEVER talk about my group on here, but what I will say, is that at week one every single person in that room was skeptical and thinking “here we go again”.  Last week?  It was a group who trusted, understood this was a journey and were understanding that Beacon was the vehicle they needed for the start of it.

Here is the thing, if you don’t get it, then you don’t get it.   If you do get a food addiction, or how incredibly difficult getting through cravings/binging/eating “at” people is, then you really, really get it.

I can easily say that Beacon Program is and will continue to change my life.  It isn’t easy and you need to be ready, but it will change your life too if you let it.

For more information on The Beacon Program go to http://thebeaconprogram.com/ and if you want to ask me ANYTHING about it AT ALL, please feel free to reach out to me by clicking here and emailing me.

Much love everyone







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