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Humor Helps a Healthy Lifestyle


Gulping for air like a goldfish out of its bowl, I looked at the bike’s odometer certain I had covered miles. Unbelievably, it registered one-half a mile.

My calves feel like lead and my thighs had rubbed together so fast, I was certain fire would erupt.

Sighing, I began pedaling again – slowly.

A cheery “on your left” warned of an approaching cyclist.

My oxygen-deprived lungs could barely muster “hello” to a woman, easily in her 70’s, cruising past on a recumbent bicycle.

That was embarrassing. It got worse when her small dog, tethered to the bike, sneered as its four-inch legs blurred by.

I had to laugh.  If a much older woman, and her little dog too, could pass me – I had no place to go but up.

To win the weight loss battle, nourish your sense of humor as much as your body.

As you thin down, some experiences require the ability to laugh.

“I farted my way through a yoga class,” announced my friend Mags, three weeks into her mission to lose 35 pounds.

Her increased consumption of vegetables combined with some positions had literally backfired on her.  The more Mags tried to contain her internal gases, the greater the noise as they escaped her body.

Laughing through her embarrassment, she explained her new diet to fellow class members.  Understanding smiles replaced shocked expressions. When next she involuntarily tooted, someone yelled, “Who knew cauliflower could be so deadly?”

After losing 17 pounds, another friend’s loose underwear headed south on a crowded Manhattan sidewalk.  Smiling proudly, she walked out of them and never looked back.

As you battle the bulge and encounter odd, disheartening or even embarrassing situations – remember to laugh.

Not only will you feel better, but also 10-15 minutes spent laughing uses up to 45 calories.

About LJ Bottjer

LJ Bottjer is a citizen of the world, whose journey began in Manhattan. Now living in Northern California, her garden produces healthy food almost year-round and she enjoys biking, yoga and hiking. www.words4sail.com
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