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Day Two Detox


Morning smoothie, awesome lunch salad, and perfect stir fry dinner

Ok – let’s be real… any detox you do is going to kind of suck during your first few days.  It’s just the nature of the beast.  I went to bed last night with a massive headache and woke up OK, but as the day went on, I had a few more headaches.  I will definitely say that some of it was me not being hydrated enough, but some of it was also that… the first few days of any detox sucks feeling wise.  You’re getting toxins and gross stuff out of your body and that is just a part of it.  The garbage in your system needs to get out.  So, it may suck with how you’re feeling, but it is great because of what it is doing.

Listen, our bodies were made to detox themselves, of course.  That is what our liver & other parts are for (I’m obviously not a Dr, but I know a little bit).  BUT, our bodies were made to detox themselves when food was natural, and organic meant all food (my favorite saying is “What did our grandparents call organic”? ” FOOD”).  When companies weren’t paying millions of dollars hiring someone to put together chemicals to addict us to foods that we now love to eat.  But, now they are and there are certain things that trigger my brain like a light show.  There are certain foods that I can feel the effect of while I’m eating it and sense my body just wanting more and more.  If you find yourself intensely addicted to certain foods, guess what?  It’s not your fault, you have started eating something that has been specifically made so you will crave it and want it and the only way to really stop it is to go cold turkey.  I’ve written about this before (click here to read), certain foods can be like drugs.  Dr. Hyman talked about this a lot on the day one call and he talks about it a lot in his book.  It is so good to hear someone in his position discussing the food companies and how, yes it is our responsibility to help ourselves, but no, it is not 100% our faults getting addicted to these foods.

Anyhow, enough about that.


Supplement time!

Today was good, I got up and got Lil to school, came back and took my vitamins, made an awesome shake with seeds and almond butter and blueberries and lemon.  Just delish and a little sour – just how I like it.

Had a snack of almonds and then jumped on the call.  While on the call I made the delish salad with egg.  It was so good.  There is something about taking bright and beautiful veggies and consuming them which is so satisfying.  You might think it is rude to make the salad while on the call, but for the first 45 minutes we just listen and I mute myself.  I throw my headphones on and really listen and making the salad was a perfect thing to do while.

Today’s call was excellent, it was with Lizzy Swick and Hildie Dunn and we discussed what was going on with us today.  How there are a lot of symptoms and how to deal with them.  Normally, I get to this point of a detox and I bail because I just can’t take it.  But, this time I’m in it to win it.  While my head is hurting, I know I’m doing this for a great reason and for something I believe it.  Me.

We also discussed writing out our dreams today.  I’m not going to lie, I have yet written my dream body down.  I don’t know why, I think partially because that takes a lot of thinking and I don’t feel at full capacity, or it could be because it freaks me out.  We can go with a little of column A and a little of column B.

After the call I had a few Dr’s appointments.  The last one I had to give blood.  Now this is not something I would suggest while on a detox.  Luckily, it didn’t bother me too much, but still not a great idea.

Once I got home, I started to make dinner.  A tofu, veggie and almond stir fry.  I would literally eat this everyday it was so good.

I think one of the hardest things for me, which may also turn out to be the best, is breaking the habit of eating post dinner.  Ben and I will very often air pop some popcorn, pop a squat and watch something in the evening and I realized that this became a habit more than something I wanted.  I would ask if he was going to make popcorn on nights I didn’t even really want it, just because it was comforting because it was what we do.

So, post detox, I am thinking maybe we make it a once or twice a week thing and not have to do it each night.  Who knows.

Anyhow, I am going to hop in the baking soda, lavender and Epsom salt bath, relax and get ready for a big day tomorrow.

Much love to you guys and I hope you’re having an excellent night.





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