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Day One of Ten Day Detox with Dr. Mark Hyman

Today was good, really good.  The food has been amazing.  There is something awesome about not only eating so naturally, but cooking it yourself.  Knowing exactly what is going in your food and where it came from.

This morning I woke up and got Lillie ready for school, I hit my jump rope because there is no way for me to leave the apartment for 30 minutes before breakfast and we are supposed to do 30 minutes of working out prior to breakfast and supplements.

I made the same kiwi and chia seed smoothie as yesterday and it was just as delicious as yesterday.

Enjoying my delish kiwi-chia seed smoothie

Enjoying my delish kiwi-chia seed smoothie

11AM came so quickly and next thing I know I’m on a call with Dr. Mark Hyman and Lauren Zander along with all the others taking part in this beta blogger detox.  They are incredible, truly.  Dr. Hyman has really put something incredible together here.  Not only are we bettering our bodies, but we are bettering our beings.  Having Lauren Zander’s knowledge and expertise be a part of this really turns this from a detox into an experience, and I love it. Again, I had met Lauren Zander when I shot with Dr. Hyman and she too is top to bottom a person who practices what she preaches.  It is refreshing being around people like that.

Lauren talked about engaging your dream.  What? When was the last time you did that?  It seems that I have stopped dreaming and just started doing, which sounds like a good plan.  But, what happens when you are doing so much that your dreams fall away and you’re just filled with the never ending task of doing?  You lose yourself, that’s what happens.  You tend to lose what sparks the inner you.  Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do.  Between the website, working at As One and my makeup business, my life is filled with good things… but I haven’t allowed myself to dream about me in a long time.

Lauren said we should create a relationship with ourselves.  Now, off the bat that sounds kind of funny, but if you really think about it, it is exactly what we need.  She also said we should have a dream for our bodies.  This really resonated with me.  Have a dream for our bodies.  I have shut every dream about my body out and just told myself I would get there somehow.  But how do you know where to get when you don’t have a goal or a vision?  So, tonight I will write all of this out and remember what it is like to dream again.  She went on to discuss how your dream inspires your healthy lifestyle and it is so true.  How have I not thought of that before.  The desire to want to be healthy and to lose weight and to be stronger (in my case to want to be an Ironman) should consistently inspire my daily choices.  It will make the workout that much better and the shake that much tastier, it is so true.

Beside the smoothie today, I made a really satisfying Cauliflower soup for lunch.


A perfect lunch of cauliflower soup

A perfect lunch of cauliflower soup

My snack later on was an incredible sun dried tomato dip with veggies.  This dip made me question why ANYONE would buy a dip with so much garbage in it when you could make this so simply out of all natural ingredients.


delish sun dried tomato dip I made. Add some veggies and you have the perfect snack

And dinner tonight was grilled tofu with cilantro pesto.

Tempeh and zuchini with tamari and pesto. YUMMMM!!!!

Tempeh and zuchini with tamari and pesto. YUMMMM!!!!


All in all, it was a great day.  I did hav a few headaches today, but I know it will all straighten out in a few days!  I am so looking forward to my relaxation bath and then to bed.

Have a beautiful night all.





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