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Beacon 2

Last Tuesday was Beacon meeting number two… and it hit REALLY close to home. I’ve done a lot of different weight loss type of things and, for me, it always comes down to things that are lifestyle changes, not a diet. And, Beacon is no different… except it is completely different.
In this eight week program, where you meet once a week in a group and then once a week one on one, you aren’t only being taught what to do. You’re going deep into what makes you do the things you are doing. You are fixing the issue with a different mind because, and this has become one of my favorite quotes ever

You can’t fix a problem with the same brain you created it with.

Did you get that? Because that shit blew my mind. I can’t fix whatever food issues I’ve had forever with the same brain that caused those issues in the first place. I need to rework and retrain this brain so I can have solutions to the issues I’ve been working with.
Crazy how that works, huh?
Molly really breaks down every aspect of how we work, how we beat ourselves up and how we hide from ourselves. Because our brain tries to hide pain just like we don’t want to touch a hot stove because we know it will hurt, or brain blocks things so we don’t feel the pain also (all of these things are comments and discussions I’ve had with Molly… I’m telling you, she drops some ingenius knowledge on a girl).

I am not allowed to see my weight during this process, but she did say I was down a few in weight since the week before, so that is good.  I’m being far more mindful and really trying to not be so down on myself through this process.

Can’t wait to tell you all about next week.






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