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Kale Chips


Sometimes, you just want a snack.  A crunchy, salty snack!  Or a side to a sandwich or turkey burger.  Try out these delicious kale chips and we guarantee you will go back for seconds! And thirds.


1 large bunch of kale

Extra virgin olive oil




Wash and dry kale.  Remove leaves from stems, and tear into small/medium size pieces.  Discard stems.  Lightly coat kale in olive oil.  If you have a mister, use that to coat the leaves, if not, drizzle olive oil on kale in a bowl and mix by hand.  Too much oil will make the chips soggy so go light! Lightly salt and pepper to taste.   Place kale on baking sheet in a single layer. Bake for 10-13 minutes at 375 until crispy.  If your chips burn, next time shut off the oven about half-way through baking to use the oven’s retained heat.  You may also season with lemon, paprika, or whatever flavors you enjoy!

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