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Just Add Lemon Juice


Adding a splash of lemon juice into your water throughout the day is a small adjustment to make, especially considering the large impacts it has. When a server at a restaurant brings a lemon wedge with a glass of water, it’s not obvious to everyone what a favor they’re doing. The lemon was first invented as a cross between the lime and the citron. It’s not clear whether the lemon was initially cultivated in China or India, but it quickly spread to Northern Africa and Europe and then to the Americas. Prized by miners during the California Gold Rush, lemons were in such high demand then that they would sell individually for as much as a dollar – a price that would seem extremely high to us even today. These days, if lemons aren’t from the USA, they are typically grown in Israel, Turkey, Italy, Greece, or Spain. But the long journey they make and the great medicinal use they hold is often overlooked by many.

Lemon juice is filled with all-natural antioxidants and it’s properties have been known to fight cancer. The incredible levels of Vitamin C in lemon make the juice a powerful addition to any drink or food. Just ¼ cup of lemon juice yields 46.7% of the daily recommendation for Vitamin C, which neutralizes free radicals when it comes into contact with them, effectively helping to reduce inflammation and swelling. The illness-fighting vitamin also does plenty more to keep the body in good health. Vitamin C has been shown to prevent the progression of diabetic heart disease and atherosclerosis. And, as you probably already know, Vitamin C keeps the immune system going strong while keeping everyday ailments at bay. Limonoids are compounds found in citrus fruits, including lemons. Research shows that these compounds help ward off cancers of the mouth, breast, lung, skin, colon, and stomach.

Because lemons pack such a punch, so does just a splash of lemon juice. Add it to your water or tea or splash it on your salad just before you eat.

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