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Veggie Meal


You know, it takes a lot to realize that the only thing standing in your way is you… whether it is your mind or… well, no I think that’s it.  I think our minds are our first and worst enemies.

Whether it is our mind telling us certain ways are the only ways thanks to habits we have formed or that we can’t push any harder in class or that there is no way we can finish this or try that… this is ALL our mind stopping us.  Our bodies are consistently capable of so much more.

This brings me to my meal today.  Doing this real food thing has opened my eyes to a lot of things.

1- holy shit, I actually like to cook.

2- Double HS I’m actually decent at it

3- Veggies, all alone, can be a meal (it’s called being a vegetarian/vegan, look into it :D)

4- Protein is everywhere, not only in meats & animal products

5- I feel CRAZY good when I eat mostly fruits and veggies all day

See, had we talked six wks ago, I never ever would have thought to make my chicken/fish/beef a side dish.  That would have been insane, crazy talk… but now it makes perfect sense and, even more so, I’m fine with no animal meat too.

I just went to the store, bought kale, peppers, mushrooms.  Threw a little avocado oil in a pot w a touch of soy sauce and cooked it up.  It. Was. So. Damn. Good.












I mean the perfect meal and the ONLY REASON I have not done that previously, is because my mind told me it wasn’t a meal.  I didn’t have a side, I didn’t have meat of some sort and it didn’t have bread or something like that.  I mean why can’t veggies be a meal?  Oh, because you just told yourself they can’t.

I am perfectly satiated.  I think I need to start saying the things I can’t do, or don’t want to try, to myself out loud because I think I will be able to hear how absurd they sound.

The only thing that stands in your way is your own mind and the excuses you give.

You are fully capable of pushing harder, going stronger, going longer and eating outside the box.  You just don’t know until you try.

I mean I’m doing a tri-sprint this wkend.  If that isn’t outside a comfort zone, than I don’t know what is.

Day thinking, brought to you by JDB 😀




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