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This Week In Training












This past week of training has been awesome.  To feel dedicated to something that I am doing consistently has been incredible and to look forward to running – something that I actually dreaded for so many years – is just plan exciting.  This week, I did a few walk runs and ran two miles straight a few times.  As I said to my running coach Jess, I’m incredibly fit cardiovascular wise, I can run for a long period of time without being slightly winded.  It is my legs that are holding me back.  My legs are carrying around so much extra weight that they literally cannot go faster with the load that is set on them.

That will change obviously and as my weight keeps dropping, my legs will catch up to my body.

Also, yesterday while trying to hit my run, I got my first cramp.  It was in my calf and it fucking sucked!  I tried to run through it for about .5 miles, but then it gave me the finger and told me no more.  So, without my foam roller or anything else fun to use, I rolled my calf out on a bench.  Use what ya got.

Separately, Christmas was awesome.  So incredibly laid back and awesome.  It was just Ben, Lillie and I and we had a blast.  After opening presents, we went to the playground and ran, or sprinted, around playing tag.  I’d like to say I wasn’t competitive at  all because Lillie was playing… but Ben was playing so I absolutely was.  If there was a winner in tag, it would have been me.  Not that there is, but I’m just sayin’ :DI switched my workout for that day because I didn’t want to leave early in the morning for a spin class and miss any moment of Lillie wanting to open her presents, or hear her excitement that Santa was there.  So, I swapped it out for an amazing and awesome spin class on Friday with my totally awesome and badass friend, Ryan.  Class was double awesome because my FJ partner in crime, Michelle was in town.   All in all this week in training has been amazing.

Huge hugs to you all.




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