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The Next 30 days…

The Next 30 days…

Fit-Journey-Julia 10-12-13

The Next 30 Days…
Not sure what the pic above is about, but my phone was across the room and I didn’t have the energy to search for another pic lol.
So, the next 30 days are crucial for me… why? I dont know…

Maybe it’s because in a little less than 30 days I do the Spartan Race (sprint), maybe it’s because I head to LA in a little less than 30 days for work, or, maybe it’s because I just felt the need for a good push and to put it out there.

Today I started my hardcore month at As One. Basically, I signed up for an unlimited month of classes and I am just going to dedicate myself to going 4-5 times/week. That, along with clean eating, should start pushing forward.

I’ve felt a little blah this last month and realized I’d fallen into some old eating habits and that needed to be stopped. So, clean eating for the month, As One – along with some other cardio – for the month and I should be feeling great.

I will post each day about what I’m up to, so stay tuned.

DAY #1

Today was interesting. It is a tough day anyhow, being the anniversary of my mother’s death. But, what an even more perfect reason to start today!

I grabbed a juice at Starbucks – yes, they sell legit green juices there now – since I didn’t eat breakfast (I know!) and then took an 845AM As One class. As One was awesome as always today. Though, I’m really amazed at how weak my upper body has gotten. Only more reason to keep going and getting stronger!

fit-Journey-Julia-30-days-smAfter I went down to the Farmer’s Market. Got some amazing greens, apples and carrots for juicing. And, what made me the happiest there, was I saw a school group sitting and learning about farms and fresh foods and organic foods and eating well. I mean, this is REALLY when and where we need to start learning about nutrition and it thrills me to no end when I see young children being taught about healthy decisions.

I got to stop at HU Kitchen on my way to the Farmer’s Market. Let me tell you, if every place in the world were like Hu Kitchen then obesity and so many health/food related ailments would be null and void. Everyone should check out this page, it is one of my favorite pages on the internet period:http://hukitchen.com/food.php

After coming home, I made a seriously delicious juice from Swiss Chard, Spinach, Carrots and a half of an apple, it was so good, but I’m bummed I ran out of ginger.

However, within a half hour got a seriously intense headache that made me lay down for over an hour… no fun. I need to look into why, sometimes, when I juice I get these headaches. Some have said it is due to toxins leaving the body, others have told me that it is because it is such a serious concentrate of the nutrients from these foods that maybe my body can’t handle it. I will keep you informed from what else I hear. I’m sure there will be a full article on it since I am SURE I am not the only one.

So, beside the headache, the eating went well and the workout went well. Can’t wait till tomorrow.



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