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Every once in a while I get the unique and exciting opportunity to work with one of my health and fitness idols, or companies, as a makeup artist.  I am always very excited when this happens because, not only do I get to meet these people and get to know them a little better, but I also get to learn on these shoots.  This happened last year when I worked with Dr. Mark Hyman, author of  Blood Sugar Solution, Blood Sugar Solution cookbook and Ultra Metabolism, to name a few.  I was excited and nervous to be part of this shoot, because the other things that can happen sometimes at these shoots is you learn that the person behind your favorite books or workouts is just a big phony.  That they do it only for the money.  Well, I am thrilled to say that not only did this NOT happen with Dr. Hyman, but I actually believed in what he was doing more.  Seeing him behind the scenes so passionate about this program and actually following it himself was incredible.  He really practices (& lives) what he preaches.

Mark-Hyman-10-day-detox-dietThe shoots we worked on together was for his new book The 10 Day Detox.  Now, I am always worried and skeptical when I hear the word detox, it makes me think of some cockamamie scheme produced for me to throw money at someone and get so hungry that I want to kill someone.  Well, this is NOT that.  Not only do you eat on this detox, but it really sets you up for a healthier lifestyle.  It is truly just giving you clean and healthy eating to get all the garbage out of your system and make you feel your absolute best.

Now, the book comes out in February, but I have been selected to be part of a small beta testing for the book.  I will be receiving his book a few weeks early and taking part of the ten day detox program.  I will get phone and email support and be able to really jump right into this new and incredible program…

Now HERE is the exciting part, I get to choose ONE OF YOU, to do this along with me.  One of my incredible readers will also receive a copy of the book and be able to follow this ten day program.  The program starts on January 27th, so you will have to be able to dedicate yourself to this for ten days.  That means cooking, food prep and following this program to a T.  If this is something that you want to be part of, I ask that you share this post from here and tag us on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram or share it from our social media networks and I will go old school, throw the names in a hat and choose from there.  This is an INCREDIBLE opportunity and I am personally so honored to be a part of it.

If you are chosen, you will also need to document your experience so I can put it on the Fit Journey site and share your amazing success with all of our readers.

So, get on this and share it here and from our Facebook page,  Twitter and Instagram to get a chance to be receive this book EARLY and for free and to be part of this incredible beta testing experience.  We will choose our winner on Tuesday morning (January 14th, 2014).

You can find out more about the book by clicking here

Can’t wait to share ALL about it.







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