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Last week my husband, Ben, read an article in The New York Times called outsourcing your way to success.  The article discussed an economist couple who began outsourcing numerous daily, and not so daily, tasks in their life.  They realized that both time and money wise, a lot of what they were doing was not a good use of their time and, well, money.  So, they did things like hire others to put together their Ikea furniture, or clean their home.  They way they see it, and saw it when they were even penniless grad students was it was an investment in their future.  The Times article goes on to state:


Part of the problem is that most people don’t understand the value of their time, particularly if they are salaried. Paying someone to buy your groceries or take the car to the mechanic sounds like money down the drain if you’re not billing hourly. But buying yourself an extra hour to work today can be good for your career tomorrow, if doing so improves your chances of getting a promotion or a raise.

Ben found this article to be very life affirming.  There are numerous things that we do that take many hours and with that time we could easily be doing something else to better our future, our health and our lives in general.  Now, there are also many things that we just cannot afford to do, period.  So, no, we will not have a full time house keeper – whoa is me, I will keep having to do the dishes and strip the beds all my lonesome… I think I’ll make it haha.  But, when looking at other things and changing our priorities a bit, we realized that one thing that we were wasting money and time on, at this point in our life, was grocery shopping and prepping food.  I would love to say that I cook every night, with hours of prep and make everything in my world from scratch… I would love to say it, but I cannot. What I do do is I fake myself out into thinking that I will do all of this.  I have these grandiose ideas where I come home sprinkle a little fairy dust and become Betty fucking Crocker (but the healthier version), but that just doesn’t happen.  I own two businesses and work with As One, I’m a mom and a wife and by the time I get home Ben and I have all of 2.5 hours to cook dinner, eat dinner, play with our daughter, and put her to bed.  That really is not a lot of time, especially when I feel like spending family time with Lillie is my very top priority.  So, what has been happening as of late is, I will get home, finish a few emails, play with Lillie and be far too exhausted (or it is simply too late) to prep a meal and then cook it… so, we order.  Two things are wrong with this… 1) I already spent a ton of money on groceries which by the week’s end a lot is getting wasted and thrown away 2) I’m ordering shitty food that has who knows what in it.  So, Ben had an idea to look for a company that would prep and deliver dinner.

I was really worried that 1- it wouldn’t be cost effective and 2- it was just going to be a waste of time and a pain, but I was definitely intrigued.

Well, then I found Sweet Roots NYC. As their website states:


Sweet Roots NYC delivers high quality, organic ingredients from our network
of small businesses and local farms to New Yorkers who are ready to ditch
their take-out containers and start eating in a way that contributes to their
well-being and that of their community.

This entire statement to me is perfection! One of the things that I really enjoy about Sweet Roots – beside their wonderful speed in returning emails and really wonderful consultation – was that I still get to cook my food.  That was something I was worried about losing, because I really do enjoy cooking and having some sort of hands on participation when making meals.  Just, at this point in my life, I don’t have the time to do the rest.  Also, if you are getting meals sent to you pre-made, then you’re simply warming up already cooked food and, to me, that isn’t nearly as good or fresh as cooking it yourself.  So, this week was our first week using Sweet Roots.  After a phone consultation where we discussed our needs, likes and dislikes, they sent me a preliminary menu for my week – we are doing three dinners a week and I have a day or two to make any changes to the menu they sent.

Then, on Sunday, Sweet Roots delivers the meals to our home.

The meals come color coated for each day and every thing is perfectly pre-measured and labeled.  I also get a full ingredient list and a recipe for each evening.

Here are some awesome pics of the first two days of food:


The cute cooler bag it all came in


Here is the ingredient list they sent

Here is the ingredient list they sent














Day One (color coated). This bag had everything but the Hake in it.

Day one bag unpacked

Day one bag unpacked






Miso glaze ingredient

Miso glaze ingredient

Day one DELISH finished product.Maple Miso Glazed Hake with edamame and red cabbage saute and roasted sesame carrots.  BOOM!

Day one DELISH finished product.Maple Miso Glazed Hake with edamame and red cabbage saute and roasted sesame carrots. BOOM!






Day two ingredients

Day two ingredients

















Day two: Turkey buckwheat noodle soup with celery, carrots, parsley and pasnips

Day two: Turkey buckwheat noodle soup with celery, carrots, parsley and pasnips


Day two: Spinach side salad with apples and a balsamic vinaigrette.











Now let me tell you, this is heaven.  I realize that to many it may seem like something they do not want to spend money on, but for me to spend more time with Lillie and to get the time back in my day from shopping and prepping and utilize it for my businesses, it is incredible.  Also, I have amazing, BEYOND delicious food, Ben and I don’t have to play the “well what do YOU want for dinner”  “No, what do YOU want for dinner” game and there is an added anxiety from my day of dinner tonight (!!!) completely taken away.

Sweet Roots is NOT overly expensive, it gives you time back in your life and it still allows you to take part in preparing your own meal.

I am absolutely in love and I suggest you check them out.





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