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Today was awesome.

The girls! Angela, Cris and I post surf

The girls! Angela, Cris and I post surf

While sitting around last weekend with my BFF Cristina and our friend Angela we decided to hit Far Rockaway this weekend and go surfing. Cris had never been, Angela has been a bunch and it was my second time so

Cris and I took a lesson. We went through New York Surf School, we spoke with them via text and the entire set up was very easy.

I was so excited to go surfing again, my first time in CA was incredible and I have literally just been dreaming about it since.

I don’t think that I realized how easy it would be for me to jump in the car or hop on a train and head out to the Far Rockaways to catch some waves.  But, it was.  Cristina, Ben, Lillie and I all jumped in the car this

Added bonus to surfing? Beach hair!

Added bonus to surfing? Beach hair!

morning and headed out to the lesson.

The day was phenomenal.  Not too hot, but the water was the perfect amount of cold.  We started on land, learning how to look at the water prior to surfing and the basics – including the

most important – paddling and popping up.  I wasn’t as on my game here as I was the first time, but I still did a decent pop up.  There were about 12+/- people in this class and we had three instructors.  We headed to the water, all paddling out together and we sat until the instructor called us out.  I don’t think I waited more than 30 seconds per time.  It was awesome.  The first few rounds I crash and burned pretty well – but that’s

My BFF kicking ass & taking names!

My BFF kicking ass & taking names!

just part of the game.  Then, I got the hang of it a bit more and started getting up.  I would say I got up about 40% of the time this time around.  Unfortunately, one time around the board wailed me in the head and then I got up looked around and a wave came and threw the board into my jaw and head HARD.  It took me a moment to recover, but I wasn’t about to stop.

Tomorrow I start my scheduled training for the tri-sprint.  Can’t wait to write allllll about it.









Up for a moment and then DOWN in the video haha. I was definitely more on my game in CA, but that just means I’ll have to jump on board again and again and again.

Today was absolutely awesome!

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