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Spartan Race TOMORROW!!!


Holy peas in a pod!  Tomorrow is the mother effin’ Spartan Race

How am I feeling?  Well, excited, really excited.  Slightly nervous, but I have kind of tossed that aside, because why the eff should I be nervous about something that I’ve made the decision to do.  It’s going to happen regardless, so why not enjoy it.  I know that there will be so many people there and I guess that I am just hoping that I won’t be the most out of shape lol.  I mean, the truth is is that I have my strengths and weaknesses just like everyone else.  I may have a few more weaknesses than those who have trained forever for this or who have done hundreds of them, but I have heart, determination and the fuck it and go for it attitude and that will get me through it proudly and excitedly!

For those of you who don’t know about the Spartan Race, let me tell you about it 😀

There are four levels of Spartan Races.

Spartan Sprint (what we are doing tomorrow):

This is a three+ mile race with 15+ obstacles.

Super Spartan

This is a eight+ mile race with 20+ obstacles

Spartan Beast

This is a 12+ mile race with 25+ obstacles

Death Race

This race is just bananas.  It is a +/- 48 hour race of endurance.  Mud runs, obstacles, train racing, physical and mental challenges and, they say, 90% of the participants won’t finish.

I think it’s safe to say you have to have a little crazy in you to do these things.  The obstacles are pretty crazy, from rope climbing, to climbing over huge walls, net walls, fire jumps, tire hauls and more burpees than you can think about… but you only do burpees if you can’t do the obstacle and then you do 30 of them!  YOWSA!

hmmmmm.  OK- I have purchased everything I need for tomorrow’s race:

-New pants (why not?)

Cliff bar Bloks/gels

– Knee pads

– Gloves

– water belt/fuel belt – though I may just stick the water bottle in my side pocket (it is a super thin bottle)


Ben got me a gopro camera.

These are the cameras that you can mount on a wall… OR on your head!!!  I don’t know if I will wear it tomorrow.  I REALLY REALLY want to though.  I am just not sure if it makes sense for me to do my first race and have to worry about making sure it’s secure etc.

Anyhow, who knows… game time decision!

OK- #teamfly is going to represent like crazy tomorrow.

Danielle, Angela, Ryan, Alix, Jesse, Justin, Chris and Susannah… oh yeah & me= TEAM FLY BABY!!!


I’m sure you will be hearing from me VERY soon!!!




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