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Sometimes Going Back Ain’t Easy

All ice packed up

All ice packed up

As I sit here with a huge ice pack on my shoulder, I realize that I am no where near as young as I used to be when I boxed in my early 20’s.  Throwing punches certainly didn’t feel the same and nor did my body when I was done.

Today was the day.  The day I got back on my boxing game.  I was ready this morning.  I had my wraps, my gloves unfortunately were not at my apartment (just grabbed them) and somewhere in my mind, I would jump in front of Harry, my trainer, start throwing punches and impress the hell out of him… that did not happen.  I am so rusty.  I couldn’t get my feet right, I couldn’t get my cross to follow through and my hook… let’s not even talk about that. But, you know what?  It was day one.  Day one and I haven’t trained in boxing (beside my awesome session with Ngo, click here to read about that) in over 12 years, whoa.

I started today with slowly throwing two jabs and a cross and getting my footing right.  Harry, who trains a few people at a time, kept having to tell me to slow down.  It is hard when you used to be so good at something and you have to start over.  But, it is far better than not starting again at all.

I do have to say, I love me some Gleason’s gym.  It is old school, it is gritty and it is perfect.  There is literally no other place I would rather learn than there.  Plus, my girl Rebecca was there today.  Now, if you want to talk about an inspiration, she is your girl!  I’ve known her from my makeup world (she is an incredible photographer) and she started training to fight about a year ago… she is a beast!  Watching her train was so motivating and empowering.  It is amazing to have a friend that you can look up to and talk to about when you’re getting back into something.

So, that was today.  I will be back tomorrow… and the next day… and the day after that.  I am not backing down and I am so excited to bring this back into my life!

This is why I'm back at it.

This is why I’m back at it.







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