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Smokin’ly Proud


After surfing today we went by a shop that a friend from high school opened about two years ago. It is a smoked fish shop called Shelsky’s Smoked Fish at 251 Smith St in Brooklyn, and it is amazing. Peter Shelsky, the owner of Shelsky’s Smoked Fish has always been an impressive person.  We hung out in high school and since then we have mainly kept track of one another via Facebook – seeing each other at random weddings or alumni events – but I’ve always had a lot of respect for him and who he is. Whether in HS or after, he always danced to the rhythm of his own drum, but it was always a really awesome classic drum and I think his store pays homage to that.  When most would want to open a new, flashy, momentarily trendy restaurant, Peter went a different route and has brought the art of the incredible and delectable Jewish deli – the ones of our grandparent’s time – back to NY and back to Brooklyn for sure.

I had promised since day one that I would stop by his place of business and when he posted on my FB page that we should stop by there after surfing – I couldn’t think of a single reason to not go.  So, starving and ready for some of my favorite food that I allow myself to indulge in for a perfect treat we were off and excited.  Shelsky’s Smoked Fish DID NOT DISAPPOINT! The place looks amazing, quaint but presented incredibly well.  I realize that I don’t write restaurant/food reviews I write fitness and beauty ones, but I didn’t get to be this size not knowing a few things about food 😀

His selection was incredibly impressive and the brilliantly put together sandwich menu is to absolutely die for.  I think the hardest decision of my day was which sandwich to indulge in.  I chose the Brooklyn Transplant and OH MY GOD was that the right choice!

I also loved to find out that Peter does catering.  I now need to find reasons to have more parties solely to have him cater them.  What a perfect and awesome way to have your day after wedding brunch or any get together catered.

Anyhow, this just added to my already incredible day.  I love seeing people I like do great things and Shelsky’s Smoked Fish is a GREAT thing.  If you’re in BK or anywhere in the NY area, you need to stop by.

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