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Sharon Richter; Spotlight Wednesday

I was introduced to dietitian and nutritionist Sharon Richter by the amazing Jamie Graber from Gingersnap Organic – one of my absolute favorite healthy digs that I want to pick up and move uptown – who said “if you don’t already know Sharon you have to meet her, but she knows everybody so you may already know her”

She wasn’t kidding.  My first meeting with Sharon I felt like we had known each other for years.  She is smart, savvy, upfront, gracious and really knows her shiz… as well as the entire world, Jamie was spot on with that.  Beside her incredible private practice, Sharon has provided her expertise on shows like The Today Show, CNN, Fox News, NY1 and Today on Martha Stewart Radio to name a few. As a lecturer, she has spoken at large events for McDonald’s, Nike Running Club, Kiehl’s, Booty Camp and Team Lipstick and Sharon has been sited in numerous publications including O The Oprah Magazine, Women’s Health, Cosmopolitan and Men’s Vogue (also to name just a small sliver) AND we are lucky enough to have her write for us every once in a while.  I am so excited to be able to spotlight Sharon because for those few people who may not know her already, she is definitely someone you want to know!  So, without further adieu:

What inspired you to become a nutritionist/dietician?

I was pre-med, took a nutrition class during my sophomore year in college and thought I’d rather prevent disease than help after diagnosis

What inspires you most about your clients?

How they make lifestyle changes even when it is a struggle against family, friends…

What is your advice for someone looking to get started on a better diet and/or fitness plan?

Take one day at a time, set realistic goal, don’t let the scale determine your worth

What are some of the motivational tools you use in your life each day to stay healthy?

I plan my workouts like any other important appointment and don’t miss them, I plan my food and try to cook as much as I can, I try not to beat myself up if I eat a less healthy food or feel too tired to complete a workout- listen to your body- it is VERY smart

What is your favorite meal?

Fairway (NYC supermarket) makes an amazing Branzino on braised fennel, also big raw bar fan especially with my Bestie Gina at Lure Fishbar

What is your biggest temptation?

Peanut butter.  Yes, I can polish off a jar.

Are there any new recipes or restaurants that you are absolutely in love with?  Why?

Hu Kitchen I love their broccolini- I just tried to makes it but it wasn’t as delicious as theirs, also the only dressing I like is walnut citrus at Nanoosh- they let me buy containers since I can never duplicate it and recently a treat was the chia pudding at GingerSnaps Organic

If you could work with ANYONE in the world who would it be?

 Wow, that is a great question…I think Oprah would be amazing as she has struggled with food and we could do something together to help with the body image and obesity issues in our country

If there was a billboard in Times Square advertising your services, what would the quote on the billboard be and who would be the image be?

You only have one body. Treat it with respect. ME! (its my tagline!)

Who are your inspirations?

My parents and friends always inspire me, but just last night was talking about how Jennifer Goodman Linn make such an impact on so many creating Cycle For Survival with her husband David

Do you enjoy working out inside or outside more?

I love being in Central Park, but I think I am more focused in the gym

Where is your favorite place to go food shopping?


Any tips on best ways to grocery shop?

The quick answer is the perimeter of the supermarket, once in aisles you are looking at more processed items

What is your favorite snack?

Raw sprouted almonds from Wholefoods

Its Friday morning and you see next week you have a day off, what would you do??

I would work with Wellness in the Schools (WITS).  Wellness in the Schools inspires healthy eating, environmental awareness and fitness as a way of life for kids in public schools across the country.

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