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Running Can Be Fun?


Post Run Glow

Post Run Glow

Tell me twice and I might not believe you.  Had you seen me last week and I may have smacked you had you said that to me… but this morning was proof, that maybe, possibly, there’s a small chance that running can be kind of fun and not totally miserable.

I’d like to pawn it off and say it wasn’t that it was fun and that it had something to do with having a hottie running partner, but that wasn’t the reason… I actually enjoyed the running.  For me, I love to learn the best, most efficient way to do something.  I love to learn what makes our bodies go harder, faster, stronger, so when you’re working out with a pro like Geroge Vafiades, he helps you understand just that.  Stride, foot placement, pace, what parts of the body to help lead you and, therefor, make you faster or, more importantly, more efficient.  These are all things I didn’t know existed, I was like caveman running.  “Go foot in front of other.  Do again.”  That was always my running style, but now I have things I can focus on to get better at it and learn more about it.  I realize it is just running, but there is a science to everything and if this gets me excited about something that I have dreaded ever since I played ball in high school, then so be it.  I’m psyched.

More so, I’m excited to train for this tri-sprint.  I have a lot of work to do, but it is good and fun work and work where you can just see yourself grow and get stronger.  Let’s be real, I can say I want to do all of these things, or I can do it.  I don’t want to be the same person I was two years ago who was wishing I was consistently working out and then not doing it.  Having time pass by where I could actually be doing what I want instead of just dreaming about it.

Anyhow, three times a week running… I can hit that.  No problem.  George wants the goal to be twice around the lower loop in Central Park without stopping and without it being too trying.  I give it to the end of summer, hopefully before.  I don’t really know what to expect when running.

Can’t wait!  Thanks George for helping me get excited about running!




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