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Yea run!  So, in two months and one day I have my tri-sprint.  The tri-sprint is a 750m swim, a 17K bike and a 5K run.  I actually don’t think this will be too tough, but it will DEFINITELY take some training.  So, I have been starting to run and I’m actually enjoying it.  This is something that I never realized would happen, it is exciting.

I have been starting to run with a two minute on, one minute off start and then ending the run by running three minutes straight.  Well, today that all changed.


Today’s run. 10:57 fastest mile, 12:38 slowest

I went out this morning to run solo and started on the bridle path around NYC’s resevoir.  I just kept running, I started the Nike app on my phone and I just kept going.  I was all the way on the East side (I started West) when I heard in my ear buds that I had gone one mile with a 12 something pace.  I was good with that and my legs felt amazing.  I switched from the bridle path to the road in Central Park (no cars allowed at this time) and just kept going.  I felt like Forrest Gump… Ok, not really, but he did oddly run through my mind.  So did my entire #fitfam, my friends, George – who has been helping me run, Danielle & Ryan – who are huge parts of my Fly Family and a constant supporter.  Having people in your life that you know will be excited about things like this, really help.  It all just felt awesome.  I cut back over to the West side, the whole time realizing how good this felt.  Seeing that it is true, that my legs can easily do this and that, quite often, it is just my mind that stops me.  The Nike voice popped back into my ear buds telling me I had done the second mile in 10+ minutes making my pace an 11+ minute average.  I was pretty damn psyched about that.  I ran the entire thing, not exhausted, not gasping for breath, not wanting to die.  Just going.

I switched paths again and I think that is what crushed me.  I decided to stop at the 2.1 mile marker.  I was pretty happy with that.  I have two more months to be able to make it to 3 miles (5K) and I think that should be easy.  I would love to be able to do the 5K w a 9 minute pace.  That’s the goal, we will see what happens… ESPECIALLY since the run is last after the swim and bike.  Truly, I’ll be happy with whatever I get.

Feeling happy, accomplished and proud.  It really doesn’t matter where you start, as long as you do start.  Marathoners started by running only one mile at a time and so can I.





Little over one week difference.  I just went for it today.

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Run from 7/18

Run from Today

Run from Today

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