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Roadtrippers Changing the World…


I had these three amazing young adults (I get to say that now that I’m in my 30’s ha) – Tele’jon, Olivia & Ed – come to sit with me today and ask me questions about my life and my business and my passions all to help them be inspired and help give some insight on what to do next in their world.  Here were these three incredible minds, coming to ask me questions… that kind of blew my mind because I just do what I love.  I just followed my dreams, passions and heart… smartly.

But, what I’m not sure these three realize is how inspirational they actually already are.  I’m sure they realize what an incredible opportunity this is and how lucky they are to have been chosen for Roadtrip Nation, but I’m not sure they realize what incredible people they are for saying yes to it.  They came to me & all the others they are interviewing because they were looking for inspiration when, in actuality, they’re the inspiring ones, they are the ones with passion, excitement and never ending wonder in their eyes . It takes courage, passion, heart and drive to decide to change your life, to decide to leave your comfort zone and find your own journey.  It takes courage to listen to others and take pieces of them to put together your own path.

Tele’jon, Olivia & Ed each have such incredible and beautiful energies about them and they are all so different, but brought together through a similar inquisitive passion of wanting to find their happiness, their own success and their own journey.  So, I hope that in someway, my story was able to bring them some inspiration, but my bigger hope is that they can realize how they inspired me as well and, I’m assuming every other person they interviewed.

What an amazing day…


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