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Real Food Day 7

Orders up! Sausage order for Jambalaya!

Fresh, grass fed beef!

So, this real food thing has been kind of cool… and really not difficult at all.

For the first time in… possibly my New York adult existence, I did not order out for food once this week.  Now, if you live outside of NYC this may not seem like a very big deal to you, but being in NY and falling into the lazy ordering lifestyle where you can literally get ANY kind of food at almost any time of day, is incredibly easy.  It is also far too expensive and you don’t really know what goes into your food.  The sugars, the sauces, the amount of sodium.  All I know is that tastes so damn good that all of those things – minus the expense – just stops mattering.

Well, the amount of pride I have for having not ordered in a week, for having cooked every night or used the leftovers is a lot.  I have gotten so addicted to the sodium and the love/misery of not knowing truly what was in my food.  Where the chickens came from, what those animals were fed (did you know some chickens are actually fed a chicken based diet, that is SO SICK), what kind of pesticides were used on the produce.  You really just don’t know.  And you say to yourself, well if I don’t know, then it must be OK.  Or, what I don’t know can’t hurt me… but in this case it definitely can.

So, there has been a really cool feeling about controlling and knowing what I am putting into my body.  Like an excitement and respect that all of a sudden dawned on me of how important that is.  Plus, I am really enjoying cooking.

Tomorrow will be a big cooking day.  I have a whole chicken that I will cook in the slow cooker while I make the rest of the meals.  I’m not 100% sure what they will be yet… but I have beef in my freezer along with shrimp and scallops, salmon and tilapia and I def want to make a vegetarian dish.  I’ll also be making the granola bars, tortillas and Ben made bread tonight (well, it’s in the oven, so let’s see what happens :D).

So, day 7 is here… and conquered 😀

I will admit that I am still craving certain foods.  The want and need for sodium filled crunch is not an easy one to dismiss.  In fact it’s fucking hard.  But, the airpopped popcorn is excellent and being able to eat Triscuits is also super helpful.  But, the cravings have started to subside which is crazy to me in only one week.

Anyhow, I hope you are all having a kick ass wkend and I will talk to you soon.




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