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Monica Jeffries: Spotlight


I met the inspirational Monica online and we became quick fit-admirers 😀

She is incredible and has more heart and passion toward her goals than most that I have met.  She has a realistic approach to fitness and health and I am constantly inspired by seeing her healthy lunch pics.  Though we missed meeting one another in person while I was in Cali, I am so thrilled that we have been put into each other’s worlds and that I am able to see how amazing she is and how many awesome things she does constantly.

I am so excited to introduce you all the Monica so that you can also be inspired by who she is and what she is doing.


What was your turning point?

On 11/11/11 it just suddenly hit me I was going to be 40 in 2012 and I didn’t want to continue with my diabetes, HBP, & HCL

Who inspired you to lose weight and get healthy?

Myself but along the journey my husband and family along with friends especially new ones I met at bootcamp inspired me to keep going

What did you change in your diet?

A lot! Gave up fast food and soda since day one.  First year gave up sugar, white flour products and switched to whole grain/ whole wheat.

What is your current nutrition plan?

I eat 5-6 small meals a day, drink lots of water and tea, eat nutrient dense foods like quinoa, oatmeal, eggs, tons of veggies, and some fruits.  I do occasionally allow myself treats now and then.

What is your favorite workout?

Hands down Barry’s Bootcamp changed my life!

How do you maintain your current weight?


Monica on her Trikke – before and now

I exercise a lot! Besides Barry’s Bootcamp , I ride my Trikke with my husband and part of a club called So Cal Carvers (best low impact full body workout), hike, swim, personal train with the best personal trainer ever (Storm Newton), and go to LA Fitness.

If you are still losing weight, how much more are you looking to lose?

30-40 more

What were you most excited about when you lost/started losing weight?

CLOTHES! Each time I dropped a size it was so exciting to give away all my “fat” clothes as the weight kept dropping.

How do you avoid temptations to keep you from falling back into old unhealthy habits?

I admit in 2013 I allowed myself to indulge here and there so ate things I normally wouldn’t have but I try to not overindulge and be satisfied with a bite or two knowing I can always have it again.  A few days I went overboard but I just picked myself up and got right back on track with living healthy.

What do you do in social situations (restaurants, parties) to make healthy decisions?

I look for the healthy options in social situations.  Besides it’s easier in these situations because everyone knows the journey I went through to get to where I am so I can’t disappoint myself and them and pig out 😉 So I choose salads, veggies, etc which is not hard to do since I love eating healthy now.  In fact when I do indulge now I usually end up sick so makes it easier to get back on track.

Monica looking Fit & Beautiful in some FJ Gear!

Monica looking Fit & Beautiful in some FJ Gear!

What advice do you have for someone first starting out so they don’t get discouraged?

I am not going to lie the journey to a healthy lifestyle is not easy BUT the results is so WORTH it! I tell everyone that if I can do it then so can you! I have lost 80+ pounds twice before but not the right way thus why I gained it back and then some.  So this time I decided to do it the right way, no shortcuts, just hard work and dedication! During the hardest

moments reach out to someone who will help keep you motivated.  I was blessed to have found Barry’s Bootcamp because the trainers are AMAZING! I spoke to Storm many times in the beginning of my journey and he gave the best advice to keep me focused and stay the course.  Find a good support system! Workout with a buddy!

What tools/motivations do you use to stay on track with your journey?

Workout buddy! Motivational quotes which I have places I can see them.

What is your final goal?

130-140 lbs.

What are the most helpful things your family and friends have done to keep you on track towards your goals?

Encouragement and especially from my family giving me clothes as I kept dropping sizes.  Buying me bootcamp classes. Just showing me they care and love me!

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