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MealLogger For The Win


Whattup my Fit Journey friends!

I hope you are all having a fabulous weekend.

So, as some of you may have read in a previous post, food journaling has not always been my friend.  In fact, quite often it is quite the opposite.  I find many food journals annoying and time consuming and… TRUST ME I can find hours upon hours to give you excuses.  But, as I’ve mentioned, I’m ready to take this seriously and move on from these excuses… in walks my new favorite food log.  It is simple, you work with an expert (no not yourself who has to decide between the 52 different types of whole wheat toast that is offered – always picking the lowest cal one of course) and all you have to do is take a pic.  WHAT?  Yes, that easy.

So, this aforementioned food log is called MealLogger and it absolutely rocks.  Why is it different and why am I planning on using it here?  Well, first off the website/smartphone app has you simply take images of what you eat.  Yeah, that’s pretty much it. I mean if you can get over looking like the person that logs all of his/her meals on Instagram, than you should do this.

So, where does the nutritionist/dietician come in?  MealLogger has their own dieticians OR yours can sign up.  Then they check into your account a few days a week and make notes on everything you have had.  So, if you went over your goals with the dietician previous to starting and said, I would like less starch in my diet and s/he looks at your images and sees a meal that has some pasta in it s/he would note that you may want to leave that off and would possibly give you other options.  Or, if you have a plate 1/2 filled with rice 1/4 filled with protein and 1/4 with veggies, s/he may say you should swap the portion of veggies and the portion of rice.  I don’t know, I’m guessing at what they would say, but you get the drift.  For me,  I’ve been writing what I’m cooking with so they really know and understand what is on my plate.

I am absolutely in love with this interactive app/website and I think it is absolutely genius.

I spoke with the nutritionist today that I will be using.  His name is David Goldman and he is amazing.  He emailed me a long email before we spoke and asked me to choose three goals.

After speaking with him today we tweaked my goals a bit, but they are as follows:

1- prepare snacks twice/week to eat during the day .  Three snacks that I should prepare:

– ants on a log with natural salted peanut butter (any nut butter)

– red pepper/carrots with guacamole or healthy spinach dip

– grass fed cow cheese (size: palm of my hand) with apple or handful of grapes

My initial goal was that I wanted to eat healthier better snacks.  After speaking, we chose the above.  The salted nut butter is a step, possibly I will move to unsalted at some point, but for now it is better than the stuff that has artificial stuff in it to make it salted or taste good.

2-  Shop 70% at farmer’s market for food.

My initial goal was to get away from all processed foods and go more natural.  After doing a lot of research the garbage that is in SO much of our foods is just disgusting.  So, after speaking, and me saying how I really want to support local farmers, and how I love the farmer’s markets, we came up with the above.

3- Prepare – in addition to snack – 2/meals 2x’s/week

My initial goal was to cook more and prep it to try and make life easier.  So, this is what we came up with.

I will be posting my MealLogger logs on here once we launch with weight updates etc and you can see what I’ve eaten and what David’s comments are.

I have to say that I REALLY love MealLogger as a food log, I appreciate what they are about and the amazing interactive qualities it has.  A lot of impressive companies are starting to use MealLogger and if you have a dietician, I would mention it to him/her.

Meal logging here I come!!!




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