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Life Coach Tip of the Month – Get Out of Your Head, and Listen to Your Body

For me, September is a month of new beginnings, and a great time to  reflect on how you have been living your life and treating yourself. One of the things that most people who are trying to lose weight struggle with is the diet mentality. Many people get stuck in the cycle of either being on a diet or not being on a diet (which for many means full out binges).  When we label certain foods as being off limits either because they are “bad”, or we think they trigger us to overeat, we are eating with our heads, not our bodies.  This is how most people become overweight in the first place.

If you look at food as fuel for your body, rather than “healthy” or “bad”, we are able to ask ourselves important questions like, “Am I actually hungry?” “How will this food make my body feel?” “Am I full?” “Do I want another bite because my head is telling me I do, or because my body is?” When you can actually stop for a moment and ask questions such as these, you might realize you are only eating because the clock says it’s lunchtime, or because you are bored, or because you are at a party, and everyone else is eating.

If I was only allowed to leave my weight loss clients with one piece of advice, it would be to eat when your body is hungry, and stop when it’s full. Getting to, and maintaining your natural weight is actually as simple as that.  I know there is often a whole lot of muck to get through before we can do that, but simply trying to pay attention rather than numbing out while eating will make a huge difference in your journey towards becoming healthier!

-Melanie Rudnick

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