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Killed This Run!


Can we talk about pride? About saying good job? About dedication, success, listening to your body and just motherfucking feeling good about yourself? Is that allowed? Because I feel like it’s incredibly taboo and that is ludacris.
I just hit my long run. The run that when George emailed me my workouts for the week, I emailed him and said “are you serious? You want me to run that whole time?” It was an hour. Not distance, just an hour of running. He said no, but just go and run/walk for an hour.
Truth be told, I was actually looking forward to it. I can’t believe it, but I enjoy running.  But, I still thought the thought of going for an hour (running) was crazy for me.

When I started today, or right before I started, all that changed.  I knew I could do it.  I started my run at the bottom of Harlem Hill. The steepest hill of the park drive (I think).  It’s a pretty intense uphill, but I kept a good pace and just kept going.  This run was everything to me today, it was my all my hard work from the last months, it was PROOF that your mind can tell you one thing, but your body is completely capable of another.  I knew I wasn’t going to stop, I knew that I would have been able to keep going.  I was just going and I was literally enjoying every second.  i stupidly checked the clock at 25 minutes, that totally put a damper on my psychi for a few minutes.  I liked not knowing.  I enjoyed just going and enjoying and running till time ran out, whenever it was. So, I made my way down the park drive from 11o to 57th where it heads east.  I went across and started back up cutting across 72nd street to the west side.  At this point I knew I only had a few minutes left.  I promised myself that I wouldn’t look at the clock till I hit a certain point back on the west side.  When I hit that point it said 54 minutes and some seconds.  I was on cloud nine.  HOLY SHIT!  I just ran 54 minutes straight and I was going to crush 60.  This was a huge deal for me. The next time I looked at the clock it said 1:01… I literally shot my hands in the air!

I mean, I ran just under 5 miles straight (4.96).  I let my mind not say a word and my body do all the talking and it worked.

So, it takes a lot for me to be proud, a lot for me to say good job and to feel like something I did like this was successful… but dammit I felt ALLLL of those things and it felt amazing.

So, be good to yourself.  If you think you can do something there is a damn good chance you probably can, you just need to believe.





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