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Incapable of Forgetting


Looking through all of the images of the 9/11 memorial, I find myself in tears – how can I not.  This is my city, this is where I am from.  My home, my pride, my passion, possibly the biggest part of who I am.  The fear of possibly forgetting is not one that I have for the city, or the world.  There were far too many lives that were lost, too many fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, husbands, wives, significant others, cousins, friends that were affected.  Too many firehouses and too many police precincts that lost their brothers and sisters for anything to be forgotten.

For me, today, I grieve for my city, I grieve for the lives that were lost, but also – deeply – for those of us who are here left with their memory and why they were taken.  For us, to keep those who were lost name’s alive and with us, with our children, friends, family.  Personally, my mother died because of the affects of 9/11.  Working blocks from the site only days after the towers fell.  She wasn’t in the buildings, she was in the area.  It isn’t the same, of course and I understand that, but her Dr’s were certain her lung cancer came on when it did due to being down there everyday.

The lives it took that day, the lives it took the days and years after and to know that there are still people – health wise- affected by it pains me to no end.

The power of our city coming together directly after is something I will never forget either.  The unity, the community of NY as a whole, the deep understanding of what we as a city were going through, that is part of never forgetting that day and the days after as well.

It is hard because we now have to go back to work and school and act normally on a day that is forever abnormal.  We all check the clocks at around 846AM and 903AM and remember just where we were on that day.  Who we were with, the smells around us, the people who were by our side.  We keep on NY 1, or any other news station to hear the names of our loved ones or just simply out of love and respect.  It is not a normal day, it is a day that is heavy in our hearts.  All of our hearts.  So, let’s all just know that we are not alone.  Let’s all know that we are still in this together and we are still a community.  Especially on days like today.

Love to you all and prayers and love to those who were lost.




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