MERRY CHRISTMAS ALL!!! I hope you’re all cuddled up around fires with family around and lots of smiles and laughter.  Here at the Dalton-Brush household we are doing the half Jew thing, where I went to my shrink earlier, my husband is off to the gym and then we are ordering Chinese food for dinner before we all open one early Christmas gift and leave milk and cookies for Santa.  So, that leaves me with no familial obligations around and no reason to not write up a quick post… I mean I’m feeling mentally free after my great shrink-a-dink appointment 😀

OK, so as you know, I am starting my training, first for my half marathon in April and then my half Ironman in September!  Holy shiz!!!

So, I decided that I would hire a running coach to really help me get into a good pattern.  Gregg from He Sweats She Sweats is constantly raving about his running coach Jess from Race Pace Jess, as well as constantly completing race after race, so I asked him for her information.  I have numerous friends who are running coaches and just all around running rockstars, but I don’t do well when I am coached by someone I know.  I tend to try and manipulate the situation and not work my best.  I would rather a stranger just legit kick my ass.  So, reach out I did and let me tell you, Gregg raves about her for a damn good reason.  She’s awesome and on top of things and really knows what she’s talking about.  We discussed fueling my life and I just assumed she meant food, but there is far more too it.  There is fueling everything that will help me become a better runner, from my sleep to what helps me relieve stress… these all fuel my runs better.  I love thinking about it that way.  It makes things so much more obtainable for me.  Another thing that I have been doing lately is saying I will start it here or I will start it there.  I am like one of those junkies that keeps putting off quitting an addiction and then the time comes and I find yet another reason.  Well, this is the reason, I have a trainer and I have a race to train for… no more time to put off.  I put things off for THIS time.

So, my first run was today, more of a walk/run, but it felt incredible.  Just getting out there again, there is something so freeing about running.  I went over my goals for one, three and six months with Jess and she seemed to think they were all obtainable, not insane goals.  Things from being able to run a 16-20 miles a week in a month and the others were losing certain lbs.  Also, six months has to do with fulfilling a long time -almost ten year in the making dream – but I will talk about that as the dream becomes more obtainable.

I was reading an article earlier today that talked about tri-athletes and I have to say they are a different breed.  Now, I do not consider myself a tri-athlete yet… I mean I’ve finished a tri-sprint and I have never really hard core trained for a serious race… but when I read about people getting up at 330 in the AM to start training it actually excites me.  Most people would think that sounds absolutely atrocious, but not I.  There for I can’t wait to start training.  It is all so exciting 😀  I mean idk if I’ll start at the 3AM hour at first, but regardless, it all sounds amazing.  Even just picturing yourself there.

So, we all know what I’ll be doing for the next 9 months 😀

Hoping to see some of you out there training with me 😀








Anyhow, Jess

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