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Grant Belton / FJ Spotlight

Grant Belton was someone we wanted to feature on our own for a while, but having one of his clients reach out to us on her own really helped give an incredible and personal touch to this spotlight.  Amira, a Flywheel client and a training client of Grant’s, emailed me a few months back when we asked people to send us their favorite trainers/nutritionists etc.  What she wrote was so beautiful and touching and you can tell that Grant is not just a trainer or an instructor, but someone who cares deeply about his job and his clients.  Amira wrote

“He truly was the reason why I experienced real physical change, and a totally different outlook toward exercising and keeping fit… As a trainer, he is meticulous, very focused on form and appropriate stances and he pushes you to try things you may not have dared do: lift heavy, box jumps, dead lifts, weighted squats, pushups, and burpees, but all with a special plan in mind. Each training session is different and he caters to the change you are hoping to work toward…His cycling classes merged my passions for music and challenging physical exertion to perfection. In my mind, there aren’t two like him.”

I have to say that Grant’s cycling classes are one of the most difficult I take – which I love.  They not only push you physically, but they tend to push you mentally as well with his methodical nature and intense rhythmic movement.  I certainly get my highest numbers when I ride with Grant and always feel like he pushes me to the max… and then somehow helps me find a bit more to push a little harder.

So, a HUGE thanks to Amira for her words and email and an even bigger thanks to Grant for being part of our Spotlight…


What inspired you to become a trainer/instructor?

Fit-Journey-Grant-BeltonI switched careers to become a fitness instructor and personal trainer because I truly enjoy helping individuals find greatness and accomplish their personal goals. I am inspired daily by my clients’ personal success and accomplishments, whether it’s losing one extra pound, or being able to now run that extra mile, lift heavier, or push beyond their personal best score in a Flywheel class.

What inspires you most about your clients?

I am most inspired by a client who reaches and surpasses his or her goals. I am inspired by a determined client who will work hard and push herself or himself to get there. Inner strength and faith in oneself are indeed inspiring traits, and can take you very far in life.

What do you love most about your job?

I love meeting different people from all sorts of walks of life, getting to know them as individuals on their personal journeys to fitness and knowing that I was able to play a role in their physical and mental transformation. I love to know that my clients walk more confidently, feel more powerful, and are generally healthier than when we first started working together.

What is your advice for someone looking to get started on a better diet and/or fitness plan?

My advice to anybody looking to make a positive change in their lives is to make fitness and healthy eating a way of life and a priority in their schedule. I recommend they find a workout they truly enjoy, that will motivate them to come daily. Many of my clients love music for example, and as a result love the
atmosphere at Flywheel. Others enjoy the solitary feeling of running, and the escape it offers. Others respond well to working out with a friend or a trainer
who can motivate them to keep on going. Listen to your body, find the challenge for you, the workout that makes you smile within, and don’t be afraid of
leaving the comfort zone. That’s when change happens….

What is your favorite workout at the moment?

I’m a Flywheel instructor so most of my cardiovascular work is based in cycling. My rides generally include challenging climbs that include serious resistance, so I challenge myself and my riders that way. I like to incorporate resistance training in my workouts also.  Currently I have been doing barbell work using the Starting Strength program by Mark Rippetoe. I enjoy doing Crossfit type circuits. I also use the TRX and Kettlebells quite a bit too. I also enjoy using the Strength Axles, which is designed to increase core stabilization and upper body strength.

If you could work with ANYONE in the world who would it be?

I derive pride and joy everyday in transforming my clients’ bodies and helping them reach their goals. That’s why I do what I do. Truthfully, I’d love to work
with anybody that has the true motivation to change and is willing to give their BEST effort to get there. A motivated, determined student is my ideal client.

If there was a billboard in Times Square advertising your services, what would the quote on the billboard be and who would be the image be?

I would have the following words: “This is your world, shape it or someone else will.” Again, it’s all about taking responsibility and making the decision to respect your body, exercise, eat healthy and live well.

The image would be of a strong and confident woman, as I believe that strong is beautiful and healthy. I can transform bodies but I also need to work with different bone structures and body types. I help women and men become the best they can be.


If you would like to nominate someone –  a trainer/instructor, dietician/nutritionist or someone who has been though an incredible lifestyle change due to fitness – email us about them at info@fitjourney.com


Photo credit: Flywheel website


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