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Getting It Back

I have been feeling oooouuutt of wack lately.

Just like really impossible to get my head on straight and being unable to figure out what I need and what I want. I’ve been feeling like my shakras aren’t aligned and that my Qi is not flowing properly. I know that this may sound really mumbo-jumbo-ish to some people, but I really believe in it. There are thousands of years of incredible medicine based around it. And, because I’ve been so out of wack, I’ve just been being not awesome to myself. Not awesome in what I’m putting in my body, not awesome in being nice to me, not awesome following through on things.  I think a lot of that is me losing site of what really makes me feel good and instead forcing myself to believe in paths that I’m supposedly supposed to follow.  Things just haven’t felt super organic to me lately – more forced and I don’t like it. So, I’m changing it. I’m going to start simply saying yes to the things that make me who I am and no (when possible) to the things that I do because I think I need to do them.  I’m going to make life simpler because it just doesn’t need to be as complicated as I’ve made it.

I feel like I’m supposed to say “it won’t be easy” but that’s dumb because that’s the whole point. It will be easy and it will be simpler and that is how life should be.

Enjoyable,  not forced.

Anyhow, I have these amazing essences made by Ruby Room in Chicago. My mentor, James Vincent, uses them and has always spoken beyond highly of them. He uses them daily and even with his clients or models on photo shoots.

So, I usually pull a card and spray this in the morning, but this evening I felt the need to pull a card and use a spray. This is what I pulled, and as always, it was spot on:



B Grateful:

You are being guided to focus on feelings of love and gratitude for yourself and others. Use b grateful when you are feeling blue. Stop, breathe, count your blessings and appreciate all that you are and have accomplished.

AKA be good to you and be happy for who you are, who you have around you, what you have, and what you have done thus far.

So, after writing this and writing a journal entry – something I hardly do – and pulling that card, I’m already feeling good.
Except, I’m exhausted.
So love you all and goodnight.

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Is a successful NYC based makeup artist - you can see her work all over TV, in top magazines all over the world and she has been featured in the New York Times, Prevention Magazine and numerous other publications, she is the former beauty editor for Bloginity and owns a small boutique beauty business called Brush Beauty. She has had a few careers ranging from construction management to radio and everything in between, however, the constant passion in her life was always fitness. Even when she lost her way from it, she was always constantly motivated by athletes and anything movement oriented around her. She is the type of person who only gets star struck by people like Gabby Douglas, Matt Long, Pat Riley or Kerri Walsh and the thought of meeting any of them puts her stomach in little girly teenage knots. Favorite workouts: Bootcamps, Spinning, swimming and lifting alone with my headphone on.
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