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Fitness Magazine #fitblognyc


What an absolutely incredible day today.  I knew there was an incredible reason to get excited about Fitness Magazines Fitness Blogger Meet & Tweet, but I don’t think I had any idea just how amazing it would be.

First, what an incredible group of phenomenal, smart and health driven women.  Being around them alone was awesome and inspiring, truly.

After checking in, getting our Camelbak filtered waterbottle and getting some breakfast (I chose a green juice and hard boiled eggs), it was time to listen to the absolutely fab line up of speakers.

They started with Sarah Lucero who is the Executive Director of Global Artistry for Stila Cosmetics and she was being by Heather Muir, Beauty Director for FITNESS.  Being a makeup artist, I always love hearing other artists speak.  Sarah, obviously, knows what she is talking about and it was a great and fun interview to hear.  She spoke about her battle with breast cancer and how health and fitness really got her through that tough time.  It was incredibly touching and inspiring.

Next up was Dr. Jennifer Ashton.  I really enjoyed this interview/talk.  Jennifer seems to have an incredible outlook on life and an exceptional energy which you can tell easily transcends to her patients.  She discussed how her patients are more than just patients to her and how you should really be able to talk to your OB about all health issues, not just the ones going on in the breast and nether regions.  I mean, as she stated “we went to school and studied the entire body, we know what to do elsewhere too”.  She also busted an important health myth;  Birth control causing cancer.  She said not only is this NOT true, but it has been shown that it actually lowers the risk of ovarian cancer.

The next up was the blogger panel.  What an absolutely badass group of interesting and driven women.  I knew most of their blogs and hearing them speak was just really inspiring & cool. Everyone who knows me, knows that I’ve owned quite a few successful businesses and that my blog/website is solely passion driven as opposed to monetarily driven.  But, these amazing women certainly got my business brain going. The panel consisted of Deb Perelman from Smitten Kitchen, Dana Weiss from Possessionista, Jill Hanner from from Jillhanner.com (also, Ford Fiesta Agent), Erin Whitehead from Fit Bottomed Girls and was moderated by Christie Griffin – Digital Director at Fitness Magazine. They discussed ways to maximize your exposure (best takeaway… don’t ALWAYS say yes), what kind of cameras they use, your best tips for YouTube and so much more.

Next up was the awesome Brett Hoebel.  He is just a great, standup smart guy.  I think my favorite thing he said was how crossfit has made fitness into a sport.  What a cool way to think about it and it is so true.  Love that!  Brett will also be starting at Flywheel in Los Angeles, so if you’re out there, make sure to check out his rides.

Last but DEFINITELY not least was Rocco DiSpirito.  Not only is he absolutely adorable and funny, but he had a lot to say on health and nutrition.  The two points he made that I loved were (& I already knew both, but to hear it again made it hit home more):

1- restaurants will make enough food to fill your plate.  They could care less about what is healthy for you, or what a good portion size is.

2- Make sure that what you are eating is 100% whole wheat because if it just says whole wheat it can mean only like 2%

He has a new book out and, also, what sounds like a really kick ass new AOL web series.  So, make sure to check those out.

OK- once that was over, it was time for lunch and to check out all of the booths from the sponsors!


AND, my fav fit partner in crime was there to hang with; Maggie AKA Fatbottom Slim.  Maggie and I went around from booth to booth learning about the products and taking fun pictures.  I love anything that I can make an ass out of myself with, so I was MORE than happy to take as many goofy pics as possible.

Case & point:



Anita from FitMapped joined us about half way through and it was just a really great time learning about all the different sponsors and what they had going on.  We even got an amazing and light weight pair of awesome new kicks from Saucony.

IMG_1993The sponsors were: Athleta, Camelbak, Crystal Light liquid, Ford/The Fiesta Movement, Marmot, Reebok, Saucony, Smart Balance, Tonalin & Vichy.  We had to get a stamp from each table in order to receive our gift bag at the end which wasn’t an issue because I WANTED to visit each of the vendors.

After we fit all the vendors it was time to work out!

I did the yoga class with the incredible and absolutely adorbs Tara Stiles. We did yoga outside which seemed like a brilliant idea, until the piping hot sun made the yoga mats and the fake grass like molten lava under our feet.  So, I just threw my shoes/socks on and kept on going.  I even did an assisted plank handstand which was really rad and exciting toTara-Stiles-Yoga be able to do.  Tara’s energy is infectious and she ran that class like a boss.  It was great and the line of clothing that she’s worked on with Reebok is really cool.

After all that amazing-ness, there was more.  As we walked out, we got an INCREDIBLE bag of swag which included another pair of kicks from Reebok, some great gifts from the rest of the sponsors mentioned previously and SO MUCH MORE.  I’m not sure I can ever have another day like this one!

















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