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Fit Journey Video Shoot



OK – now that I have gotten that annoying CAP fest out of my system…

Sunday was an amazing day because we shot the first round of videos for the Fit Journey website.

Kara Liotta and Noah Neiman were front and center at Bravo studio to tape yoga (Kara) and cardio/strength training (Noah) videos along side me.  It started out amazingly well, Kara shot two incredible yoga videos – where we gave some modifications because we really want ANYONE to practice this and, some of the moves because of my body shape were a bit more difficult, so I definitely used them 🙂  Kara’s energy is amazing and she is so good at what she does.  The perfect inspiration!

Then Noah came in and we shot, I think, 5-6 videos.  It was hilarious.  I think we spent 1/4 the time busting out laughing on set (all will be shown) and the other time working out FIERCELY.  For the most part, the modifications for strength training just came down to using lower weight and not going down as far when doing squats or lunges.  Basically, doing what you can.  I do have to say, that by the last video (4.5 hours in for me) my arms were like noodles and when the word “plank” came out of Noah’s mouth, I’m pretty sure my arms started to cry (he tried to call it sweat, I call bluff)… ESPECIALLY because I just did four rounds of planks the day before at Body, Space Fitness.

So… what happened, well I couldn’t go through the entire thing without stopping.  And, when the director asked if we should cut and piece together cuts that made it look like I could get through the whole thing, I said “No thank you”!  To me, that’s the whole point of this site, is to show that even though I may not be able to get through every moment of every workout, I’m there with you and I’m still getting stronger.

So, the videos will be up, along with the site, next month and I CANNOT WAIT!

Check out some images below of the shoot and I want to make sure to give a very serious heartfelt thank you to Kara & Noah for giving their time and passion to make this happen.




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