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Earth Day Love: Neat-O’s


OK- as many of you know, if I become obsessed with a product, you will know about it!

And, if you don’t, I’ll talk about it until you do… Well, here is my newest obsession and the fact that it is Earth friendly makes it a million times better.

This is a product that is being used in every facet of my life.  From being a mom, to being a makeup artist and now to being an athlete in training (yeah tri-sprint and Spartan race).

So, what is a Neat-O? Well, let me start by asking this question; how many times have you used and then thrown out a plastic sandwich baggie and just felt awful about it?  Realizing just how much waste you are making by packing yourself a sandwich or simply making your kid a snack to eat on the go.  In walks Neat-O’s.  Neat-O’s are re-useable baggies, made of FDA certified food-safe materials.  All materials have been certified as bisphenol-A (BPA) free, phthalate free, PVC free, lead free and non-toxic.  The fabric is a cotton canvas that was designed for chefs and is coated in food safe plastic, that can withstand high temperatures and is non-abrasive, making it easy to clean lots of different ways.

So, how do I use them?  Well, #1 as a mommy it’s how I pack my daughter’s lunch daily.  An incredible added bonus of the baggies are that they can be drawn on with fabric markers.  I ordered a bunch of them for my daughter’s birthday party and made it one of the activities the kids got to do!  They had a BLAST!

Next, as a makeup artist, it’s how I packed all of my eyeliners and lip pencils and where I keep my dirty brushes until I can come home to clean them.

OK- Here are the important ones and, honestly, why I love these bags so much!!!

For my personal Fit Journey, I have let Neat-O’s take over my world.

  • – I use them for portion control when I’m heading out for the day and need to take snacks
  • – I use the big ones for my wet gym clothes or swimsuit after a work out.  I got tired of using and wasting the plastic bags the gym gave me
  • – Now that I’m cycling outdoors, I use the bags to put all of my essentials in my cycling pocket (phone, credit card, cash)
  • – For any trips, I have my first aid kit packed in one.
  • – When going to the Farmer’s Market, I put my produce in them AND it keeps my produce fresher longer
  • – For organization reasons, I keep all of my hair ties in them
  • – And, last but not least, I use it for my personal makeup bag.  It is perfect because I can see through the clear window what I need.  No more digging through and wasting time.


There is something about knowing that I’m not wasting and that I’m actually making my life easier by using these.  You can wash them anyway that you like, hand wash them and air dry OR you can even throw them in the dishwasher or washer/dryer.  A-MAZING!

So, tomorrow is Earth Day and, if you’re going to do one ON GOING thing for the Earth, order some Neat-O’s and know that you’re doing a little something extra to help our incredible planet.

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