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Don’t Call It a Come Back

I titled this don’t call it a comeback because, well, first – I love L.L. Cool J (if you don’t know why I said that, please go pretend that you do and cheat by clicking here).

But, the truth is I don’t want this to be a comeback because FJ was never far from my mind.  I never lost my passion for it and never lost wanting to write all the time.  Fit Journey was one of the most important things I ever did in my life.  I had 5+ emails a week from people saying they loved the site and they were motivated by it.  Or that they found new ways to live a healthier lifestyle because of it.  Or how about the more out of shape readers that got to places like Flywheel, Body Space Fitness or Barry’s because they read the New York Times article I was a part of – and they realized they could!  People who were too scared to go to places like that did it because Fit Journey helped motivate them to do so. Fit Journey kept me motivated to be healthful and to live a better life than I had before.


I feel like I owe a reason of why it stopped – the truth was:

1- I was too involved in it.  That may sound silly, but Fit Journey was my passion.  Fitness and health and helping people brought me fulfilled pieces of my life that I knew was just right.  However, it wasn’t paying the bills.  Sure, there were perks, but perks don’t pay the rent.  I had to take a step back because I was focusing more on FJ than I was on my business, Brush Beauty, and I was losing business because of it.

2- I got injured.  I hurt my shoulder pretty badly and I couldn’t do much of anything.  Being on a bike really hurt, walking more than a normal pace made me wince in pain and I couldn’t lift anything over my head to save my life.  Every time I thought I was better, I’d go back too early and just re-injure myself.  So, I stopped working out for a while and that stopped me from writing here, and that was dumb.

3- I was embarrassed and felt like I let my readers down and let myself down.  FJ has been a sore spot for me for the last few years.  Every sweatshirt, T-shirt, hat I made was put in a box.  It made me feel ashamed that I couldn’t do it.

But all of that is over.  I’ve made a serious decision to go back to school and become a holistic health coach.  Now, if you’ve seen me lately, you may be thinking – “but damn girl – you need to lose some poundage before you go and help others get their health straight” (you also may be thinking “fuck yeah Jules!  You know your stuff and it doesn’t matter where you are in your journey, you got this”) and the truth is – no, I don’t need to shed that weight to start this journey.  I know my stuff, and regardless of where I am on my health journey I know I am completely capable of helping others.  That being said, I have become my first client because I am not happy where I am health wise.  Getting my health and changing my lifestyle will be my first step in getting ready to accept clients and that is very exciting – because what is better than being able to show people that you can help them through showing that you helped yourself first.

So, I am getting my certificate at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) and thus far it has been incredible.  I can’t wait to share so much with you and, also, share my own journey through all of this.  I will be sharing a lot of insight from my schooling 🙂

I will be trying to post 1-2 times a week and will be posting on the FJ Instagram page more than that, so click on that and follow me if you fancy.


So, yeah!  Welcome to FJ 2.0.  Let’s rock this shit.




About Julia

Is a successful NYC based makeup artist - you can see her work all over TV, in top magazines all over the world and she has been featured in the New York Times, Prevention Magazine and numerous other publications, she is the former beauty editor for Bloginity and owns a small boutique beauty business called Brush Beauty. She has had a few careers ranging from construction management to radio and everything in between, however, the constant passion in her life was always fitness. Even when she lost her way from it, she was always constantly motivated by athletes and anything movement oriented around her. She is the type of person who only gets star struck by people like Gabby Douglas, Matt Long, Pat Riley or Kerri Walsh and the thought of meeting any of them puts her stomach in little girly teenage knots. Favorite workouts: Bootcamps, Spinning, swimming and lifting alone with my headphone on.
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