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Ditch Day!


Ditch Day, just hearing those two words together makes a person smile. Memories from high school, college and work come flooding back. Generally, at least for me, ditch days were always a formulated day of fun. The schools always knew about it and the office would normally put something together for it, but who cared? It was always a day of fun on a day that was supposed to be dedicated for work. It was a day that you felt a little badass for not doing what you were supposed to be doing… even if your boss was there too.

So, when I was invited to Lululemon’s East meets East Ditch Day, my ears perked up and adrenaline started to pump. Not only was it a ditch day, but it was with Lululemon, Flywheel and Exceed Physical Culture with classes going on for all three… oh, and did I mention that it was in the Hamptons? That’s right a fitness filled ditch day with some of the greatest workouts known to man. Sign me up everyday for the rest of my life please.

We had to be at the Lulu store on the Upper East Side at 8AM for a yoga class. Michelle, my FJ partner in crime was there too and it was her first yoga class ever.

Due to some babysitting issues, I got there about 15 minutes late, but when I walked up to the door, all I saw were mats filled with people in a warrior pose. It looked truly beautiful. I walked in and tiptoed around people, giving slight waves to people I knew (but feeling incredibly obnoxious for coming late and disrupting this amazing class).


Yogi magic at Lululemon

I got checked in and got my swag bag (oh yeah, there was swag there too, nope can’t get better) and joined in the yoga class. It was an awesome class with basic moves so that everyone there was able to do them. What a perfect start to the day.

After yoga, Liquiteria (who I SO wish would open a place on the UWS) provided us with breakfast and cold pressed juices, then it was time to get

on the bus. First, not only was it amazing to be invited to this and have Michelle there too, but I had so many people from my Fitness Family there, it was like a dream. We jumped on the bus and took the two plus hour trip out to Flywheel in the Hamptons. The studio there is excellent and the room seemed extra spread out, really great studio. And, massive added bonus, I got to see some of my #flyfamily who is working out there for the summer. Seriously made my day.

photo 3

On the bus. #fitfam

So happy to see my #flyfam

So happy to see my #flyfam











A lot of the people there were fitness instructors from numerous gyms in the city and quite a few of them had never been to a spin class before (I think my favorite quote was from a instructor who is built like Hulk Hogan circa 1985 who said after class “I mean, I’m a meat head, I never do this. but it was amazing”), that being said, they were mostly instructors, which made the energy in the room bananas amazing. Danielle Devine taught, she – as you may know – is one of my favorite people on the planet and she just fed off the intense and excited energy from the crowd. I swear the class was only five minutes, even though it was 45. It was a perfect class and Danielle crushed every single second of it.

When class was over, we piled back on the bus – with strict instructions not to change our clothing – and went straight to Exceed Fitness. They have a location in Manhattan, but their East Hampton locale is called The Shed. Maybe because it is in a sort of mini-industrial park in a pre-fab steel building with a huge garage door as an entrance. It was pretty kickass. When we got there, there were kettle bells and a huge tire out front and inside there were 8-12 erg (rowing) machines, the same amount of TRX machines, the same amount of boxes (that you jump up on) and equal amount of mats with medicine balls. I knew this would be fantastic. Michelle looked a touch nervous, not only was she doing this on a broken toe, but it was her first class of this nature.

Michelle & I throughout Ditch Day... not nerves here!

Michelle & I throughout Ditch Day… not nerves here!

We started by taking a light job and stretching and then got down to business. It was a SICK workout. I mean, two minutes at each station, zero rest and just go-go-going. My perfect workout. The Exceed trainers that were there, including Jim Kennedy, James Eichas, Jenna and Conor and they were all incredible. Jenna really inspired and pushed me the most, but the four of them together were a force not to be reckoned with.

Joking around a little...

Joking around a little with Danielle & Alix at Exceed…

When we were done there, we jumped back on the bus and headed to the Flywheel house in the Hamptons (it is the house where the instructors stay while they are teaching their summer classes out there). The house was beautiful with a great pool out back. They had an absolutely awesome spread out for us of sandwiches and salads and more. They also had Bai there providing us drinks. You should check them out – deilsh.

When that was over, it was time to load back on the bus and take a relaxing ride home. After three incredible workouts, a wonderful meal, a group of awesome new friends… I was ready to throw my headphones on, sit back and reflect on the absolutely incredible day I was just given!


Done & Done after a perfect fitness day

Thank you Lululemon, thank you Flyhweel and thank you Exceed. I keep being given these absolute incredible and – in my world – monumental fitness gifts, days like these I truly cherish.

This was another one for the books, for sure.






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