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Diet Can Tear It Apart

So, the last three days have been AMAZING work days. I worked decently long days on set for Dawn Levy’s Fall 2013 collection look book (for those that don’t know, I am, by trade, a makeup artist). Awesome people, insane jackets/coats, amazing team, stunning models… Terrible eating and zero time to workout.

My biggest challenge is going to be getting my diet under control and, I use the term diet as what food goes into my mouth, not as a fad thing or as some crazy two month deal where I cut everything that starts with the letter ‘B’ out of my life.
Working out for me is something I love so much, eating is where it gets tough.
Growing up with a mother who was extremely food conscious and didn’t allow much of anything “bad” in our household led to a lot of binging, sneaking food and too many unhealthy habits to name. So, breaking those has been tough. Also, breaking the “I’ve worked out so hard these last few days, I deserve a _____” habit has been really hard. I need to learn to reward myself with a run or something beside food.

Anyhow, I think that if I could have kept my food intake in check, I would not be feeling so gross today – bloated, tired, just ick.  It’s not the end of the world if you can’t workout bc of work here and there but ONLY if your diet is in check… Mine wasn’t.
The first night the hub and I went to Smith & Wollensky’s, which isn’t awful, but add the booze calories and the food I ate when I got home because of the booze intake and it was just a big hot mess.
Day two started by them only having croissants and chocolate croissants on set. Should I have brought a bar and some snacks with me? Yup. Did I? Nope. Doh! Lessons always to be learned.

That night went to a comedy club to see a friend’s show (two nights out in a row NEVER HAPPENS) drank and a friend ordered fries. #fail

Today same breakfast! Ugh! Ordered a smart lunch and had sushi when I get home.  Not the worst day, but still feeling sluggish – also not enough sleep adds to poor grubbing decisions.  But, no more…

Here’s the deal, I’m going to be posting daily abt workouts and, now, also food intake. I’m going to be held responsible for what I eat because I am working out WAY too hard to throw it all away bc of diet.

It’s a pretty normal problem. Also, I’m feeling shitty because of some of my food intake. I’m gonna clean that up too.

Ok- this post has ranted on enough. Let’s do our best and let’s crush it this week!!!

Cannot wait to get to Flywheel tomorrow and get my spin on! It is going to feel incredible!

Happy sat night all… It’s 9:25pm and I’m going to sleep.



Another shot from the shoot (taken by my IPhone)

Another shot from the shoot (taken by my IPhone)

one more...

one more…

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