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Day Motherlovin’ 9


Exhausted! Truly. Writing this from my phone in bed. My body, legit, feels like jello. But, I feel this way bc I crushed some workouts today. Had a day chock-full of meetings and the took a 6pm As One class. Left 15 minutes early w my girl Alix so we could make it to the 730pm duet spin ride with the incredible Ryan and Kari. The ride was sick and awesome and amazing… And after grabbing dinner and one drink post class, I am toast!

I do have to say, that even after just one week of consistently doing As One, I am feeling so much stronger and more badass and just feel incredible. I missed doing a consistent, smart strength training/athletic training workout. I mean, As One takes heart to do. It takes a true want to get better and stronger, it isn’t for the weak or whinny. It is just plain badass and just makes me happy. On that note, I need to sleep. Tomorrow, bright and early spin with the hardcore badass angel aka Danielle Devine and As One in the pm. Need rest. G’night ya’ll. xxx PS get ready to start getting a ton of new video content. Really great, fun, cool and informative stuff. Yesssss!

Xx Julia


About Julia

Is a successful NYC based makeup artist - you can see her work all over TV, in top magazines all over the world and she has been featured in the New York Times, Prevention Magazine and numerous other publications, she is the former beauty editor for Bloginity and owns a small boutique beauty business called Brush Beauty. She has had a few careers ranging from construction management to radio and everything in between, however, the constant passion in her life was always fitness. Even when she lost her way from it, she was always constantly motivated by athletes and anything movement oriented around her. She is the type of person who only gets star struck by people like Gabby Douglas, Matt Long, Pat Riley or Kerri Walsh and the thought of meeting any of them puts her stomach in little girly teenage knots. Favorite workouts: Bootcamps, Spinning, swimming and lifting alone with my headphone on.
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