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Change your body. Change your life?

quick-fix-band-aidYou know, with all the quick fix diets and non-quick fix life style changes, we are bombarded by people telling us to change our bodies.   We are constantly sold this idea that if we change our bodies, we change out lives and, hell, I’ll buy into that… to an extent.  I mean, yes, by changing our bodies we are able to do so many more things.  We are able to be more active and being more active makes those endorphins spike and do a happy dance, we are more comfortable in our bodies and can wear clothing that shows off our bodies instead of hides them.  We are healthier – possibly your cholesterol has lowered or your blood pressure is normal.  Maybe you can even get off a bunch of the meds you have been on for so long.  And, yes, you are definitely happier – I don’t want to that that away even a little bit.  And all of these things are certainly something to celebrate… but, what happens to the reasons behind why you gained all of your weight or had been overweight in the first place.  What happens to those horrible feelings that went along with the weight that you tried to eat away.  It is amazing that you were able to find a better way to deal with them, but most likely, they didn’t just go away.  And, that is what I think we are sold so often along with just changing your body.  That, to me so often, is the one thing that the quick fix or the long overhaul lifestyle change diet has in common – they make you think you will be “all better” when you lose the weight.

For me, this has been a problem, and something that I think has been holding me back somehow in my fitness/losing weight.  It’s no secret that I have plenty of “demons”, not necessarily things that I have done wrong, but things that I have lived with for years.  Things that I have never actually dealt with in my life that really hold me back.  I’ve always been a hear it, handle it, push it down, smile about it and go on with my life type of gal.  I tend to handle personal things like a business deal so that I don’t actually have to deal with them – whether my mother’s death, issues with friends, business problems (which then makes sense) or any issues that I would have with my family.  I brush things off that I shouldn’t and I search for happiness in places that may not be the most ideal places to do so.  I realized the other day that I was searching for happiness, searching for a smile or for someone else to make me feel good instead of finding it within myself.  Listen, this isn’t to say that I’m not a happy and optimistic person or that it isn’t OK for others to make you smile or feel good.  I am and it is.  But, lately, I have been searching outside of myself to find something that I need to find within myself.  I’ve fallen into the trap of if I read all of these change your lifestyle/change your body/change your life books then I will find exactly what I am looking for and that just isn’t the case.  At some point I need to sit and – I know it sounds like weirdo corny stuff – but feel these feelings.  I need to come face to face with all of the things that have been holding me back.  Holy shit, this could take years haha.

So, I guess, this is just my way of saying, yes changing your lifestyle is incredible and it deserves all of the happiness in the world – but be sure not to forget to deal with the reasons you had issues in the first place.  Be sure to be good to yourself mentally and not only physically.  Because you need to have both to truly be where you can be your best.  I am certainly no where near there yet, but I think that realizing these things is a good first step.





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