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Cali Love!


Highlights of my Cali Trip

Saturday can literally go down as one of the top ten best days of my life.  And, I’ve had some pretty sick days in my life.
First off, I have never been a huge and incredible fan of Los Angeles (for you LA lovers just wait a moment), I’ve always enjoyed my time here because my family is here, but I’ve always said there is no way I could ever live here.  I think it is because I always had a pretty serious agenda whenever I’ve been.  I’ve never really taken the time to poke around, hang out or really see the entire area.  The last few days changed that.  First of all, being around family is incredible.  Having my daughter be able to play with her cousins is beautiful, but being able to peep all of LA and see the different neighborhoods and different restaurants and shops and beaches and life really changed my view.  This is the first time I’ve ever been able to do this.  Ben was in NY and for a few days my family watched Lillie, really giving me the chance to see this city.  It is kind of totally rad – really loving places like Santa Monica, West Hollywood and SPECIFICALLY Venice Beach.
Also, I think that having a much more active lifestyle changed things.  My trip – beside work – was really based upon wanting to workout and be active.
My friend Jolene came out to spend the weekend, and we went spinning, we went and tried surfing lessons (write up coming soon), we drove around and hit the beach, we tried a few great restaurant and drink spots.  It really was just one of those incredible and memorable weekends.  I mean just yesterday we hit a Fly class in the morning and checked the Hollywood Farmer’s Market right after.  Really just like a perfect time.
I said to Jolene earlier, in NY to have an active lifestyle, you really need to work for it.  Especially in the colder seasons.  You need to get to a gym to get to the park to bike/run etc.  And, when you love it, it feels like almost no effort at all.  However, in a place like L.A., fitness and health are everywhere.  You need to make an effort to NOT be around it.  To not be healthy.  Wherever you go, there are incredible eateries, people playing beach volleyball or biking.  It is just such a beautiful thing.
So, I have now fallen in love with CA.  I really and truly felt at home today in Venice Beach.  Something I’m not sure I’ve felt before.  It just felt right and beautiful.
Saturday evening I had a small BBQ with Jolene and one of my best friends from high school Adam who lives out here.   We just sat out on the patio, grilled, drank some wine and chilled.  Between that, driving and shopping in Venice Beach, learning to surf and hanging with great friends and family, it was truly the perfect trip.


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