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Back In The Saddle


Today was pretty rad.  I got to work out FINALLY after a three day hiatus due to work.  But, DAMN it felt good to get my butt back onto the bike and sweat hard for 45 minutes.

There is something about those 45 minutes that everything gets lost outside and you’re just doing you.  You are just making yourself stronger, you are bettering all different parts of your being.  Your mind, your body and your soul.  In that time, you are listening to the instructor and you are pushing yourself.  And, even on days when you’re not feeling 100% you’re still there and you’re still going through the motions which is better than what a large percentage of the population can say.

I’m not sure what it is, but since the New Year I have been KILLING it at my workout.  Especially at Flywheel.  Maybe it is because I have started to be part of the Torque Board again (the Torque Board is a board – two big screen TV’s actually – in the front of your class that track your cumulative power throughout the class.  It is an amazing motivator because your numbers are being shown to the entire class and it is in comparison to others who have chosen to participate) and that means my power is out there and I need to do my best to show how hard I can work and what I can do.

I don’t really do resolutions, but I’ll be damned if I don’t get to be number one AT LEAST ONCE before the year is up…uh-oh, my competitive side is coming out 😀

Anyhow, Jesse’s class today was JUST what I needed.  A tough class with amazing music and a badass vibe.  Jesse really helps you get through those moments when you think your body is about to break down and quit on you and with three days off and not the best food at work this wkend, my body definitely needed a little encouragement.  Even with poor sleep and food intake the last few days, I still came in 5th in the class which made me smile (not that I was counting or anything :D).

This upcoming week is going to be EPIC!!!!!

I start my intro to yoga class with the hubs tomorrow at Om Factory Yoga Studio and then the REAL training begins!!! I start my eight week – three days/wk – Training For Warriors class at Body, Space, Fitness (you can check out an awesome post on our last work out there and a video on Fat Bottom Slim’s blog here).

So, with that being said, I should probably get some sleep.

Happy workouts and have an excellent week.




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Is a successful NYC based makeup artist - you can see her work all over TV, in top magazines all over the world and she has been featured in the New York Times, Prevention Magazine and numerous other publications, she is the former beauty editor for Bloginity and owns a small boutique beauty business called Brush Beauty. She has had a few careers ranging from construction management to radio and everything in between, however, the constant passion in her life was always fitness. Even when she lost her way from it, she was always constantly motivated by athletes and anything movement oriented around her. She is the type of person who only gets star struck by people like Gabby Douglas, Matt Long, Pat Riley or Kerri Walsh and the thought of meeting any of them puts her stomach in little girly teenage knots. Favorite workouts: Bootcamps, Spinning, swimming and lifting alone with my headphone on.
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