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A Little Swim A Little Bike

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So, today I tried two things that I haven’t done in forever, if at all.  I swam laps, like legit lap pool laps… kind of (get to that in a moment) and I hit three laps in Central Park (18 miles) on my new bike.


So, the swimming.  I hit the Y today after dropping Lillie at camp.  I was nervous because I have never really swam laps in a lap pool before and I had to share my lane… not only a lane, but the fast lane.

So, I got in and just started going.  This is not easy!  I am so excited to keep going and get better and better.  That being said, I had to get out after 5 minutes because I forgot my ear plugs and it really hurt.  After five minutes, I already felt it in my arms, in my legs… who knew?

Then, I met my awesome cyclist cousin Alex.  I asked him to help his little cousin learn how to ride her big girl bike.  So, we met at my apartment and hit the park.  I was nervous my first time around, but by the third time, I was feeling really comfortable on the bike.  I felt comfortable clipping in and out, but what I didn’t realize is that even by spinning numerous times a week, it doesn’t necessarily translate to cycling.  The pedaling is different, getting out of the saddle is far different, even sprinting is different.  Harder.  There isn’t a torque knob, you need to learn all the gears and what places to use them in.  But, again, so excited to learn so I can just get better.

That being said, I’m pretty excited to hit 18 miles my first time out, can’t wait to be able to hit a nice 60+ mile ride over the next few weeks.

Tomorrow, I hope to hit a ride and to remember my damn earplugs so I can swim.

Let you know how it goes.




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