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8 Wks At Body, Space, Fitness


Yesterday I started one of the most exciting programs I never thought possible.  A fitness chapel by the name of Body, Space, Fitness has started to offer a program by the name of Training for Warriors.  But, let me rewind…

Every once in a while you’re given a gift and that gift seriously blows your mind.  A few weeks ago that gift was given to me by both Fat Bottom Slim and Kelvin Gary from Body Space Fitness.  Maggie sent me an email about a free class that BSF was offering called “Training For Warriors”.  So, right off the bat I was skeptical.  A warrior?  Me? I’d just started working out again a few months ago and, I might be the guy that sharpens the warriors swords dreaming one day to join the warriors, but I certainly didn’t think I could play with the big dogs yet.  But, I said eff it, if this was being offered and I could try something new that might make me 1) feel stronger and 2) kick my ass a little, I wasn’t going to turn it down.  So, after hitting a Fly Wheel class, Maggie and I made our way over to BSF and am I ever so glad that I did.  This facility is incredible.  It is like a little piece of fitness heaven.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  Your version of heaven and mine might be slightly different.  My heaven these days includes battling ropes, TRX equipment, sleds, spin bikes and Bosu balls (to name a few things).  Well, I’ll be damned if this place didn’t have all of that plus so much more.  First off, Kelvin is beyond knowledgeable and that comes across within two minutes of meeting him.  We started off our workout with a warm up of exercises that really felt like it was stretching and warming me up in a perfect way, then post warm up came the hardcore stuff.  The exercises that I am starting to really live for; you know, the ones that you go home and just feel stronger already from.   Maggie and I did a short two exercise circuit of ropes to bosu ball, on for 35 seconds and off for 30.  It was RAD.  There were numerous circuits we did with many different exercises and each one was just better than the previous (don’t think I’m going to tell you about all of them, at some point you need to just go check it out yourself!).  I even enjoyed the sprinting portion which NEVER EVER happens.  I was literally sad when it was over… however, our session didn’t end when the workout ended.  Kelvin sat and took the time to really talk with us and helped me with some underlying knee issues I’d had for a long time.  All in all, I have to say it was an incredible experience and if you’re in NY this is a MUST do workout and if you’re not, then it’s a MUST for when you visit.

Anyhow, that was my intro, then one week later, we went back with a SERIOUS BAD ASS CREW!  You can see an amazing video on it done by Eric Strafford  on the Fat Bottom Slim Post.

So, the moment I saw that BSF is starting an eight week, three days a week TFW program, I WAS IN!  It started last night and it was fierce!  Even the warm up was intense, but so good.  We got weighed in and measured and, yes, UGH below I will be sharing these numbers.

I mean why the fuck not? This is my Fit Journey and I’m only going to get better, stronger, more healthy and we all have to start somewhere.  So, here ya go…

Weight 206

Tri – 28.5

Ab- 40

Hip – 45

There is another measurement that I can’t read what it is, so when I determine it, I will post it.

So, my eight weeks started yesterday, I will ABSOLUTELY be giving updates and I’m looking forward to where I will be at the end of these INCREDIBLE eight weeks.




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