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Why Women Should Pump Iron


Women are usually considered the Queens of Cardio.  If you walk into any gym and take a look at the cardio deck, twice as many women will be on a machine compared to men.  Some women perform cardio day after day waiting for their bodies to change, but everything remains the same.  Muscle burns more calories than fat, so increasing muscle mass will help scorch more calories even when the body is at rest.  Cardio and weight training are both equally vital components to building a stronger, healthier you.

Pump for Stronger Bones

Lifting and other weight bearing exercises play an important role in fighting Osteoporosis.  Women are able to increase or maintain their bone mass until the age of thirty. After the age of thirty, women begin to lose bone mass every year.  Many factors contribute to the depletion of bone mass including hormone levels and age.   Just as muscles become stronger by rebuilding after a day of lifting, bones will also become stronger in order to adapt to the stress being applied.

No Popeye Arms for You

Often women are not only intimidated by the weight room, but fear that they will have huge bulky muscles if they lift weights.  Women do not have enough testosterone to build the large muscle mass that they fear.  If you are still apprehensive that you will build huge muscles, keep your repetitions higher and focus on endurance training compared to strength.  Three sets of twelve to fifteen reps per muscle group two to three times per week will help build endurance.  Start with body weight and when it becomes easy, add weights in order to challenge your body.

Building a Stronger You

Adding strength to your fitness program will help you get in the best shape of your life.  Building stronger muscles can decrease your risk of injury by improving posture and balance. The human body is amazing due to its ability to adapt quickly.  Continuing to challenge one’s body is essential.  If you do not feel tested throughout any workout you perform, your body will remain the same.  Strength training will not only help build stronger and leaner muscles, but can also improve your confidence.  Many women believe that countless hours on the treadmill will transform their bodies to what they desire, but weights are an essential part to any transformation both mentally and physically.

Weight rooms can sometimes be intimidating especially if there is a lot of grunting and weights hitting the ground after the completion of a set.  Finding a friend to be your lifting partner or enlisting the assistance of a trainer is an easy way to help the weight room become a friendlier place.  If the weight room at the gym is not for you, following a weight program at your home is an easy way to start.  You can use body weight or purchase resistance bands or dumbbells at any sports equipment store.  You can start to see results in as short as two to three weeks.  Start slow and realize your strength that you never imagined you possessed.

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