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What To Wear To Workout


Are you concerned sometimes what to wear to a workout?  Here is our guide by activity to help you out – and if you have any questions let us know and we can answer them for you!

Yoga/Barre/Pilates: wear form fitting clothing so you can move easily and the instructor can view your form.  This is important so they can correct you to help you become stronger and prevent any injuries. Some studios may require socks, and if so, look for a sock with a sticky bottom to help you from sliding on the mat.

Running: loose fitting (not too loose) comfortable clothing in a wicking fabric.  Also ensure you have proper running shoes.  Your local running store can help you find the right fit. Most stores will do an analysis of your stride and let you try sneakers out on a treadmill before purchasing. Make sure for colder days you have proper layers of clothing so you can take off layers as you warm up. In winter you may want a light jacket and some light gloves as well. Also, ensure you have the proper socks to help avoid blisters.  Look for a sock that isn’t too thick, but not too thin where they may bunch up while you’re running.

Walking: comfortable clothing in a wicking fabric.  Ensure you have proper walking shoes, which are different than running shoes.  Again, your local running or athletic store can help you choose what is best for you.

Cycling/indoor cycling:  wear padded bike shorts or bike pants.  Do not wear loose pants or shorts as they may get caught on the saddle or in the pedals. Wear a moisture wicking shirt.  Some bikes allow you to wear sneakers by having a basket on the pedals, however you will have a more effective workout wearing cycling shoes.  These can be found at most bicycle shops, and some cycling studios will rent, loan or sell you shoes as well.  Your studio can tell you which clip you need on the bottom of your shoe to fit your bike.  If your shoes have the wrong clip they can easily be switched out.

Bootcamps/HIIT Workouts: Wear comfortable sweat wicking clothing.  Wear a sturdy pair of sneakers to support you through each activity.

Swimming: Make sure you have a properly fitting swimsuit that won’t move while you do your laps. If you swim outside you may want an SPF shirt as well to protect your skin from the sun.

Ladies: For all activities make sure you have a good, supportive sports bra!  This is a must for all activities.

The most important thing is you wear clothing that you are comfortable and confident in that makes you look forward to your workout!


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