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Take The Stairs


If your apartment house, office building or out-of-town hotel has a stairwell, you have another exercise outlet.

A study by the Mayo Clinic indicates significant calorie loss by exercising on a stair treadmill for an hour.  It ranges from 657 for a 160-pound person to a 240-pound person losing 981 calories.  The same holds for stairwell exercises.

Prior to doing a simple squat or running up a flight, ascertain it is a safe location. Be aware cell phones often cannot find reception in these enclosed spaces – so do a scouting trip.

Obviously, if dubious characters are hanging around – keep moving.

Are there bright lights flooding both the stairs and the landings?

Is the stairwell clear of debris and are the treads in good shape without any cracks or missing chunks?

Further your safety and tell a neighbor, co-worker and the front desk your exercise plans and ask them to check on you in a set time, such as 30-minutes. This will assure should you run into a problem someone will be looking for you.

If all checks out, hit the stairwell.

Walk/Sprint Butt and Bones Benefits

The benefits of walking up the steps is a no-brainer.

Every step, no matter how quickly it is taken, serves to tighten your butt and strengthen the muscles of your legs and thighs.

Stair climbing, as a weight bearing and aerobic activity is also terrific for your bones’ health.

Build up your cardiovascular health sprinting up the stairs, and gain more strength by doing two steps at a time.

Lifting your knees higher on the ascent are also beneficial. Vigorously swinging on arms while trucking on down, keeps your heart effectively pumping.

Upper Arm Strength

Rid your upper arm wobble by planting your butt on a stair tread. With your feet on a landing or at the bottom of the stairs line them up with your bended knees.

Place your hands one step up from where your buttocks are rested.

Use your hands to push your torso off the stairwell.

Try for 12, or more, sets.

For added core crunch – pull your pelvis muscles towards your belly button as you rise.

Shapely Inner Thighs

On the landing or stairs’ bottom, stand parallel to the stairs.

With your right hand on the railing, place your right foot on the first step.

Shift your weight to right foot, then raise your left foot past your right and onto the next higher step.

Continue for 10 or more reps.

Core Building

Pushups are terrific for building your core, but if you are blessed with large breasts, exercising on the flat floor can be painful.

Angled surfaces like stairs make it easier.

Face the staircase with both feet approximately 6-inches from the bottom step.

Raise your hands to shoulder level and lean down until they are resting on a step. Your body should be at a 45-degree angle.

As your strength builds up, move your feet further away from the stairs.  This will make you push up harder.

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