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ReXist 360 Bands Class With Shay


So good.  I mean, technically you can stop reading now, these bands are so badass, there really is not much other reason to read on… unless you want to know why and exactly how they can help you get in shape more with less time.

This past weekend I was invited to a special class to try the 360 ReXist Bands.  I was lucky enough to see these bands in action a few months ago while shooting with ReXist and being on set as the hair and makeup artist.  While watching these beautifully toned, sexy people use the bands, I noticed something; they were sweating.  They were getting a good workout in while just wearing the bands around on set and I knew I had to try them.  Well, this was my chance.  I brought Crystal with me to the class at DANY studios in the West 30’s in Manhattan.  First of all, DANY studios is an incredible and amazing place.  With two floors and who knows how many studios, the energy was awesome and the facility was incredibly impressive.

As I walked in, I was excited and thrilled to see so many familiar faces, people from Classtivity and Booya Fitness, Meg from the Compost Cook was there, Johnny D from Flywheel was representing as well among a few others.  No need to explain the energy in the room because we were hootin’ and hollering, ready to go from the start.

We each received a set of bands with two levels of resistance.  Not knowing what to expect, I chose the lighter of the two and figured I could always strap on the more difficult later if I wanted (I didn’t).  The first time you strap the bands on it seems a touch complicated, but it really is not at all.  And, once you do it the first time, it is such a snap to do it again.  Basically, you attach two neoprene cuffs – one to each leg – around your lower thigh.  You then take the resistance band of your choice and wrap it around both legs attaching it to the velcro on the outside of the neoprene cuffs.  If you don’t like the cuffs, they sell pants specifically for the bands as well (super cool!).

Once the class had the bands on, Shay (who some of you may know from Flybarre and just being all around awesome) began class.  Her energy is incredible, she is an amazing athlete and to watch her workout is both motivating and inspiring.  We started by doing squats and right off the bat you realize that you are in for a fitness treat with these bands.  You can feel the resistance and you can tell that they are not only holding you accountable for your form, but they are really helping you tone just by doing your normal workout routine.


Shay, Crystal and I post workout!

The class was incredible, taking us through a numerous exercises which just consistently proved to me that the same exercises I do each and everyday can be brought to the next level solely by using thees bands.  This is not to say that the class is like something I do everyday.  This class was excellent and kept me moving, kept me excited and interested and was just fun – something very important to me when working out.

By the end of class my legs were spent… and the class was only 28 minutes!  We got this incredible workout and because of these bands a better workout in less time than what I would normally do.  I’m not sure I could have asked for much more.

After class I was talking to Shay and she mentioned to me that these bands are a great addition to someone’s running training.  She said that I shouldn’t wear them for my full runs, but to take them for a mile or so – especially if you are working on speed – and they would be incredibly helpful.  You KNOW I’ll be writing a post about that soon 😀

Anyhow, I definitely suggest that you all check these bands out.  They come with a DVD and four resistance options and beside the DVD being awesome, they are just an incredible addition to any workout.

Click here to check them out.

The badass class!

The bad ass class!

I hope you’re all having an amazing day.



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