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Quick and Easy Walking Tips


Tips for Success


Here are a few tips for making your journey into walking a pleasant one:


– Make modest goals. There’s no need to walk five miles your first day out. Keep it simple at first. Walk around the block. Then two blocks. Then to the store and back. You get the picture.
-Wear comfortable shoes. Make sure they have arch supports and thick soles. Wear them around your house first to make sure they’re comfortable.
-Keep your attire casual. No need to invest in workout clothes. Loose sweats, a T-shirt, and a windbreaker or sweatshirt if it’s cold should do the trick.
-Start off slow. A slower pace will warm up your muscles and prevent injury. After five minutes of this, increase the pace to your desired level. Reduce your pace five minutes before the end of your workout as well to bring your heart rate back down slowly.
-Stretch after every walk. This will prevent cramping and pain in your calves and thighs.


Author: Brenda Stokes Barron

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Brenda Stokes Barron
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