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Perfect Ten Minute Workout


Time is a hot commodity and if you’re running short on it, squeezing in a work out can feel next to impossible. However, we’ve concocted the perfect routine to help you get fit in just 10 minutes. The idea of having to schedule 30 minutes to an hour at the gym can be daunting and just not practical for a lot of people. But 10 minutes fitness chunks that you can squeeze in on your breaks, at lunch, or while waiting for the oven to preheat before dinner? Now that’s a practical approach to fitness. Here’s a quick routine that fits your lifestyle (remember always consult a physician before starting any new exercise routine):


  • – March in place for one minute. Pump your arms high and really lift up your knees.
  • – Do lunges. Alternate legs so you complete a total of 10 lunges per side.
  • – Do jumping jacks for two minutes. Really stretch out your arms above your head and jump your legs apart a good distance. Make the most of each movement.
  • – Drop down to the floor and do 25 pushups.
  • – Lie down and do 20 crunches.
  • – Stand back up and do punch kicks. Stand with your feet together in a boxing stance and throw punches with your right fist. As you throw punches, kick your right leg out to the side. Repeat this four times then switch to the left fist and leg. Repeat this combination five times.
  • – March in place for one minute.


This mini-workout gives you plenty of cardio, plenty of strength training, and plenty of motivation. After all, if you can complete this in just 10 minutes, maybe getting fit won’t such a gargantuan task after all.



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